Sugar dating in Italy: 5 things you should know before falling in love with somebody from “il bel paese”

Sugar dating in Italy is still a novelty, despite being a natural fit for the country:  long, open and chivalrous courtships, a language made for flirty, tongue in cheek banter and breathtaking atmospheres in fact make “il Bel Paese” a unique sugar dating destination. And with more and more Italians dipping their toes in this exciting way to meet, bond and connect, the possibility of falling in love with intense brown eyes and that unapologetic cheeky smile is more real than ever. But before you jump headfirst into what could be the romance of a lifetime, there are some things you should know to have the best experience of sugar dating in Italy.

sugar dating in Italy

1. An Italian sugar daddy makes sugar dating in Italy next level

Sure, being “tall, dark and mysterious” helps, but the charm of Italian sugar daddies goes beyond the simple blessing of genetics. Italian men care about their appearance and love leaving an impression and make what is usually called “una bella figura”. This concept includes not only an impeccable and often unique style, curated in the smallest details and honed by a lifetime of exposure to art and beauty, but also “wearing” a matching attitude. An Italian sugar daddy will always look his best before picking you up for your date and will actively create hundreds of tiny occasions to sway you with his elegance and charm. On the downside, he will expect the same from you: be ready to dress to impress and show off your seduction skills!

2. Sugar dating in Italy is all about romance, romance and again…romance!

Movies like Roman Holiday or La Dolce Vita made the Italian way of love famous all over the world. And while the years came and went since Audrey Hepburn graced the silver screens, romance, chivalry, and passion remains staples of Italian courtship. Thoughtful presents, long romantic walks between the beautiful streets of Verona, candlelit dinners in hidden gardens of Firenze, stolen kisses in the crevices of beautiful moonlit plazas or alongside the Venetian’s canals. Your Italian sugar partner will always find a way to surprise you and sweep you off your feet! Be ready for the unexpected and some, well, intensity, especially at the beginning of the relationship. If poetry, flowers and compliments make you cringe or want to hide in shame, sugar dating in Italy might not be for you.

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3. Italian sugar daddies just love life

Italian men know how to enjoy life to its fullest. Their love for excellent food and wines (they can be picky!), extraordinary music and beautiful art is a clear manifestation of their passion, and they will be delighted to show to the right sugar baby all the wonders of their home country. Winters spent skiing on the Alps, long summers exploring sandy beaches of the Sardinian coast, autumn evenings interlocking fingers while admiring Milan’s Duomo or frolicking between Rome’s ancient beauty. Sugar dating in Italy will never be boring. The flip of the coin is that Italian sugar daddies may be a bit reticent to get out of their admittedly luscious comfort zone: getting them to try new foods or appreciate foreign beauties could be challenging, but not impossible. Just avoid extreme offenses and faux pas – like putting pineapple anywhere near their pizza, for example.

4. There is a reason why Italian is “the language of love”

The Italian language oozes passion, in all its forms. It is intense, animated, and internationally appreciated for its expressivity – just think about the very recent success of the Italian rock band Måneskin at the Eurovision! Yet, while it is certainly enjoyable to listen, you might encounter some language barriers when sugar dating in Italy. While English is becoming increasingly widespread, not everybody can communicate fluently. Many Italian sugar daddies are still relying on internet translators, and it could make getting to know each other a little bit awkward, at least at the beginning. But what better way to learn a new language, if not exchanging sweet nothings looking down from the terrace in moonlit Verona (very Shakespearean, I know)?  

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5. Italian men are irredeemable social butterflies

Italian men know how to make you feel at ease. They are social and extroverted, convivial and conversational. They might introduce you to their friends and family or show you off as you explore the busy nightlife of Rimini’s riviera or accompany them to yet another apericena in the heart of Milan. Italian sugar daddies have the mysterious power to annihilate any awkward silence, be it with a cheeky smile, a teasing joke, or maybe even just a gaze from those deep dark eyes. If you are an introvert, sugar dating in Italy could be a bit overwhelming. On the other end, it could be a wonderful occasion to finally get out of your comfort zone!

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So, are you still convinced that sugar dating in Italy could be the right choice for you?

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