Long-distance sugar dating (LDSD): pros and cons of loving without borders

Long-distance sugar dating (LDSD) is a staple of our times. After all, this century’s technological advancement opened a world of possibilities. Literally! Through the internet, people can interact, communicate and even fall in love without pesky limits such as geographical barriers – and without having to deal with old-time hindrances such as exorbitant phone bills, lost missives and, to go way back, the hassle of pigeon training. Some sugar daters end up in a long-distance relationship by accident: a sudden move, an unexpected relocation, or a study exchange. It can happen to everybody! Or they just happened to meet somebody who appears just so perfect for them… but who happens to live on another side of the world. But for many others, long-distance sugar dating is a conscious choice and an integral part of their lifestyle. Some sugar daters just are not interested in meeting in person. They may be too busy, asexual, or simply more drawn to a relationship centered around emotional and psychological bonding. Others are “digital nomads,” often on the move, or simple travel lovers who appreciate the opportunity to meet their flame for brief but intense bursts of time, be it for an exciting vacation or to smother the dullness of a business trip. Whatever your reason may be, long-distance sugar dating comes with its own challenges and opportunities. Let’s discover them together.

long distance sugar dating LDSD

1. Long-distance sugar dating (LDSD) is great for travelers

Long-distance sugar dating (LDSD) is perfect for adventurous souls. Having a beau in another city, country or even continent is a great incentive to begin racking up your flight miles. Other than the exotic charm of international love, your globetrotting heart will love the opportunity to get to know a country and a culture, beyond shallow tourist itineraries. Through daily snippets of your partner’s daily life, of course, but also by finally visiting them for a weekend (or a month-long!) escapade. Follow your partner as they lead you around the tight streets of Thessaloniki or Granada, dance your heart out in less-known music festivals such as Lithuanian Devilstone or the Untold Festival in Romania and discover off-the-path restaurants and coffee shop, tucked in the heart of  Karaköy or Montmartre. Long-distance sugar dating will never stop surprising you!

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2. Better than Duolingo? Learn a new language while long-distance sugar dating (LDSD)!

When you sugar date long distance, you will eventually pick up snippets of your partner’s language. You might even want to learn something beyond the usual handful of phrases, such as “good morning,” “cheers,” or “where is the hospital.” And while studying a new language is never easy, what better incentive than finally saying “Je t’​aime” or “Ich vermisse dich” to your smitten partner? Trust us: having somebody to whisper sweet nothings to is more motivating than shouting “Carlota has a red apple” to your phone. That said, this sort of relationship requires commitment and patience The small incomprehension can be time-consuming at best, and awkward and frustrating at worse. But don’t give up! The smile of your partner will be definitely worth the effort!

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3. You get to share (and discover!) the highlights of your own culture

Guiding your sugar partner through the wonders and the quirks of your own culture can be extremely fun, refreshing, and exciting. Furthermore, long-distance sugar dating (LDSD) can help you see your home country in a whole new light. Things you take for granted or give become a joy, when shared with a bright-eyed love. What is more intimate and, let’s admit it, adorable than watching your partner fight with a precarious pile of Smørrebrød or walk around Nyhavn for the first time? It might also be a great opportunity to finally go see that internationally famous monument that you never visited, despite it just being a couple of stops away.

4. LDSD is intense!

Different time zones may force you to stay up late in the night, sneak out of work at odd hours, or get out of bed with the first rays of the sun, all of which will fill your days with suspense and anticipation. Your heart will thump faster with every buzz of your phone. You will explore new and creative ways to communicate: messages, yes, but also pictures, phone calls, video calls, letters, postcards, and the occasional package. Everything will be new, exciting, and interesting, helping your passion and your desire to burn stronger, as you also build a deep emotional connection. Not to mention the joy of finally meeting up in person after a long period apart. The wait will make jumping in each other’s arms all the most sweeter and will be an incentive to make the best out of the time you spend together. On the downside, you will have to get used to heartfelt goodbyes. Because, while getting together is amazing, there is no way to deny it. Leaving hurts. And it probably always will, especially if you had an amazing experience. But in the end, you will know for sure that the relationship is worth it. After all, that is not a farewell, only a goodbye.

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