Younger men: 9 reasons why you might fall for a younger guy

Younger men love older women. We established it last week, when we discussed all the amazing reasons why a mature beauty is just irresistible for men in their twenties and early thirties. Same applies, of course, to young men who are attracted to men – a maturer, more experienced male partner is what lots of gay, bisexual, or even bi-curious guys dream of. But why do you, a successful woman or man in their forties, fifties or sixties, should consider dating somebody still juggling with University assignments or just stepping into the work market? Well, there are plenty of reasons – and no, they (mostly) have nothing to do with attractiveness.

Younger men

1. Younger men are exciting!

Younger men are not burdened with the problems that come with age. They do not have as much to lose, and therefore are more daring, willing to take risks and dive into the unknown. Going out with a younger man can help you rediscover the excitement, the adventure, and the spontaneity of youth, that so many of your peers seem to have lost for good.


2. Younger men are willing to learn 

Younger men don’t think they know better. They are willing to listen to your pointers and suggestions, and will do their best to put them into practice (in life and in the bedroom!).  They are well aware that their partner has more experience, resources, and insight. And you know what? They appreciate it.   After all, it is one reason they are so proud to be by your side!


3. They like you as you are

There is no need to obsess over maintaining perfect supple skin, hunt down stray strands of grey hair, or fight the tiniest of your imperfections. In their eyes, your laugh lines are nothing more than proof that you lived your life to the fullest and do nothing but contribute to your unique charm. You don’t have anything to prove: you already meet and exceed their expectations.

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4. You date the person, not the age group

Exactly as you are more than ready to indulge your wild side and dance until the wee hours of the night, men in their twenties can also be calm, mature, and driven. The plus side is that while many of your peers may be too busy or too tired to keep up with you, men in their twenties will be more than eager to accompany you on your next adventure!


5. Younger men are passionate and romantic!

Younger men are willing to put in some effort when it comes to approach and seduce a mature lady or gentleman. They want to impress you, after all, and they know it won’t be an easy feat. You might even see right through their game, but why not play along? Let yourself be swiped off your feet by youthful confidence and cheeky smiles!


6. Youth is wonderful

While we can all jump on that dad-bod hype train, the natural strength and fitness of our younger years remain tightly intertwined with our ideals of beauty. But it is not just the washboard abs to tip the scale (we promise!). Younger partners have more time, energy, and drive. They have yet to experience so much that life has to offer, and being at their side will bring you right back to the wonders of “first times.” New foods, new places, new adventures:  everything will taste and feel better when sharing the wonders of new discoveries. 


7. They are whirlwinds of positivity 

Younger men are less likely to have been scathed by the hardship of life. They are much less cynical than their older counterparts. And what is wrong with a bit of optimism? Let yourself be inspired by their dreams, hopes, and bright ideas. It might be the wave of innovation that you have been waiting for!


8. Younger men are great toy boys…

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9. …and fantastic sugar daddies!

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