Women in their forties: 8 reasons why younger men can’t resist mature beauty

women in their forties

It’s no secret – women in their forties are at their most attractive. And so desired! Don’t be fooled by the tired formula that equates youth and beauty. In fact, beauty, sensuality and attractiveness have been long viewed as features that come with experience and age. To go back to the 19th century and paraphrase Oscar Wilde, is there anything more sensual than “men who have a future and women who have a past?” It is no surprise that those two apparent opposites are a match made in heaven. Luckily, as we progress as a society and leave dated stereotypes behind, men and women of all ages have been coming forward about their preferences, often confessing to having a weak spot for a lady who has seen a bit more of life than they have.  So, what is it about women in their forties that makes them so attractive to younger men and women?

Women in their forties are confident

Women of this age range know and accept themselves. They rest assured in their bodies and minds, which makes them radiate a special kind of glow and grace.  They are proud of their achievements and have confidence in their skills and beliefs – and why shouldn’t they? Just look how far it got them. They are comfortable with themselves and it shows in the way they carry themselves. They don’t need to impress, or try to impress, anyone. They are already impressive – and they know it.  

Women in their forties are interesting!

Running out of conversation topics won’t be an issue with such a charming companion. Women in their forties had some time to hone their interests and passions, and don’t mind sharing their experience with a younger man they find attractive. There is just so much more to discover and get to know. The natural aura of mystery surrounding a woman in her forties is sensual and enticing. It is no wonder that so many young men are completely hooked!  

They know (and go for) what they want

Women in their forties know what they like and want, be it in their life, in a relationship, or in the bedroom. They usually see no point in mind-games, fake coquettishness, or mixed signals.  After all, they are busy. They have no time to waste on doomed romances, and won’t enter a relationship they are not seriously interested in. Their time is precious, and if they decide to spend it with a younger man, the lucky lad must have something special.

Dating a mature woman = less drama

Yes, mature women know what they like. But, more importantly, they also know how to talk about their wishes or desires. Life taught them how to communicate and how to avoid being caught up in sticky sand of pointless drama. Whatever it is they feel, wish for or need, they will let you know. There is no point, after all, for an issue to be left to fester when it can be immediately solved. Behold – such is the power of straightforward, adult conversations!

They embrace and know how to use their power

Women in their forties have no qualms about taking the lead. They tend to critically evaluate traditional gender roles and limitations they put on women. Usually, they are highly focused on their work and life. To put it simply, “they have it together,” and are not afraid to share the fruits of their success with their loved ones.

They know how to have fun

Despite what Hollywood may want you to believe, older women are much more relaxed than their younger counterparts. They have learned not to take themselves too seriously and are able to have fun, free from all the silly anxieties that stick to us in our early years. They are in touch with their emotions, and are happy to indulge their spontaneous streak. After all, they deserve it!

Women in their forties are great sugar mamas…

Most of the sugar mamas active on our website are in their forties. They are naturally drawn to the sugar lifestyle, as it is an obvious fit for their unique personalities. No drama, clear-cut terms, no muddled expectations, and plenty of fun. What else could a beautiful, powerful woman in her forties want?

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…or sugar babies!

There is no upper limit for the age of a sugar baby! Many women in their forties are enjoying life with a younger sugar daddy on SugarDaters. Why limit yourself?

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