Becoming a sugar mama in 7 steps: a practical guide to your sugar dating adventure


Becoming a sugar mama: you thought it over, googled the basics, and maybe even read our past articles on the topic (if you did not yet, you absolutely should!). You decided that you love the idea, and that an exciting and adventurous new romance would be a wonderful addition to your life. Well, you are definitely in luck! Sugar Mamas are in very high demand on Sugar Daters! Although outnumbered  by sugar daddies, they are prized and sought after by men, women, and non-binary daters. Which means that as a sugar mama, you will be able to choose between hundreds of possible partners in crime, and have your pick while safeguarding your privacy and freedom. Isn’t that exciting? 

So, what are the things to consider and what steps exactly should one take towards becoming a sugar mama? We recommend starting with the tips below.

  1. Know, and be honest about, your dating goals
  2. The mindset that will help you nail the sugar mama role
  3. What it actually takes to become a sugar mama
  4. Having a profile on SugarDaters
  5. Why patience is important
  6. From online to real life!
  7. The best thing about becoming a sugar mama

Becoming a sugar mama

Becoming a sugar mama 101: be ready to communicate your dating goals

Knowing what you want to receive out of a relationship, as well as what you are willing to give, are crucial to finding your true match. These things are usually implied, but are rarely actually discussed in regular dating. But it is not only knowing, but also communicating your expectations to each other from the beginning that gives sugar dating culture its edge. Therefore, before you dive into the sugar bowl of toy boys and sugar babies, you should already have a pretty clear idea of what you are hoping to experience as somebody’s sugar mama. Is it having someone to shower with affection and gifts? Do you see yourself as a mentor-figure, ready to help someone hack life and career thanks to your advice? Or would you just love to have some fun company to travel, relax and escape the routine with once in a while? Would you prefer a monogamous relationship, or are you ready to push your boundaries and fall straight into the whirlwind of polyamory? There are no wrong answers. Whatever you want is valid, and with a bit of patience and a pinch of luck, you will be able to find it. After all, you are the one who sets the terms!

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Be brave

You’ve come far in life, you have it all, and you’re willing to share. As someone interested in becoming a sugar mama, you hardly need a memo to be brave. That being said, the Sugar Mama lifestyle is not for everybody: it requires strength, independence, and confidence. As you might know from personal experience, the dating choices we make as women tend to attract much more scrutiny than those made by men (yes, still). And becoming a sugar mama – i.e. a woman who is taking the lead role in a relationship with someone younger and charming –  is, unsurprisingly, still controversial to many. This is not to say that no changes in society are happening as it comes to gender roles in a relationship. Times are changing, but they are changing, well, pretty slowly. So, unless you have a couple of extra lifetimes waiting ahead, is there really a point to wait for people’s opinions to change? And will there ever be a better time to enjoy the fruits of your hard work with a dazzling toy boy or a charming sugar baby by your side than now? You will only know if you are brave enough to try!

What it takes to become a sugar mama (and it’s probably not what you think)

What does it actually take to become a sugar mama? Is it a successful career, impressive network, a lavish lifestyle, exquisite style, or good taste? It can be either, or all, of these things. But even combined, what you have make up only a half of the Sugar Mama equation. In fact, it’s not really what you have that makes you a sugar mama. It’s about the desire to create extraordinary experiences in a relationship, surprise the other person, and feeling the fulfillment in adding value to your partner’s life. In short, what it takes to become a sugar mama is generosity and passion to make your partner feel precious!

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Becoming a sugar mama? Sign up on SugarDaters!

If you are curious about becoming a sugar mama, we invite you to set up your profile and begin surfing among hundreds of exciting candidates to your attention. Checking out profiles matching your criteria and chatting with those whose photos or witty profiles caught your eye, may become a treat you’ll enjoy with your morning coffee or unwinding with a glass of wine in the evening. Until you go on that special date that makes you delete your account and dive into your real-life sugar adventure.

Before you get to that point, you can check out what a free profile on SugarDaters gives you, and what privileges come with the Premium one!

Patience is key

With all these possibilities just one click away, you might be tempted to jump straight into the fray. And that is understandable!  But remember: all the best things take time. Give yourself the chance to get to know your potential partners and make sure that your interests and desires align. Talking a bit longer will also help you gauge commitment and avoid catfishes or scammers.

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Don’t forget the meet and greet <3

Once you have found the perfect candidate, set up a meeting to get to know them.  After all, chemistry can be hard to perceive through a screen! Choose a place that will allow you to talk, exchange ideas and expectations, and make sure that your journey to becoming a sugar mama starts on the right foot.

Have fun!

Well, obviously! This is the ultimate point of sugar dating. Becoming a sugar mama is a gift you are giving to your chosen date, and, most importantly, to yourself: you are allowing yourself to fall in love freely, and on your own terms. It’s also about you allowing yourself to be swept off your feet, and enjoying life to the fullest. After all, the best experiences are the ones you share.


Now that you know what becoming a sugar mama is all about, are you ready to give it a try?
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