What’s an SB/SD relationship?

I’m sure you’ve seen the SB/SD relationship concept somewhere. If you don’t know what this means, don’t worry! In this article we are going to explain what it is and tell you why you should sign up on SugarDaters if you want to find such kind of relationship.

SB/SD relationship

SB means Sugar Baby, SD means Sugar Daddy

The concept SB/SD relationship stands for somebody looking for a partner as a Sugar Baby or Sugar Daddy. Such a relationship is based on the expectations that each person has about the other one. SugarDaters allows you to narrow down a list of candidates so each person can find exactly what they’re expecting from their ideal partner without losing their time.

A Sugar Baby usually prefers men with a good social and economic position. As it has always been, a “gentleman”, someone that can be generous with them. In general, a Sugar Daddy prefers affection, beauty and attention. Obviously, each person is a completely different universe and there are many other preferences. SugarDaters is also LGTB-friendly and there are also Sugar Mamas, Toy Boys… everyone is welcome!

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What’s going on with an SB/SD relationship on social media

Especially when looking for a Sugar Daddy, one must consider that the internet is packed with fake Sugar Daddy. That’s why SugarDaters exists. If you think about it, a real Sugar Daddy can afford a Premium account on our website -it’s not that expensive!-. They won’t look for a Sugar Baby on social media!

Besides, on SugarDaters all profiles are verified. There are no fake profiles. There’s also an option to report inappropriate or suspicious behaviours so finding a sugar date is safe as well as fun. These features you can’t find on social media, that’s why social platforms are not appropriate for this.

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SugarDaters is the ideal place for finding an SB/SD relationship

Signing up on SugarDaters is very easy. In only a few clicks you’ll have a profile that summarizes what you’re looking for. When looking for a Sugar Daddy, stay away from social media since there are too many fakes out there. If you want an SB/SD relationship, SugarDaters is the way to go.


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