All about ghosting: what to do when your potential sugar baby disappears

All about ghosting you’ll find in this article. You matched last week. She was beautiful, witty and adventurous. You had the most fantastic conversations, with just the right amount of banter. You felt that type of amazing chemistry that so often feels like a once-in-a-lifetime occurrence.  For the past few days, their replies have been the highlight of your day. You had it all, really: sparkles, butterflies, and fireworks.

Then one day you wake up, check your phone and slowly realize that whoosh, your potential sugar baby is gone. No replies to your messages, no stray likes on your social media pages, not even a wayward emoji. Just radio silence. Your intriguing messaging partner disappeared, leaving behind just a lot of “ifs” and “maybes”.

Ghosting sadly happens even to the best of online daters and sugar daters. While hurtful and without any doubt unpleasant, it is just part of the game and the risk of online matchmaking. But if it is the first time that happens to you, you might feel at a loss and unsure of what to do. Here are 5 tips for any sugar daddy that has to deal with a ghost!

1. Remember that life happens!

In some cases, it might be worth trying to reach out again. After all, life happens! While it would have been better for your potential sugar baby to let you know they were entering turbulent waters, you just have no way to know what kept them from fuelling your budging romance.

2. All about ghosting – Give her a gentle nudge

If you think that it may be the case, try to give the potential sugar baby a gentle nudge. Keep it polite, respectful and open-minded. You might have been hurt by their action, but being resentful will not help nor them nor you. After all, you are messaging them to build bridges, not to burn down the whole zip line!

3. Be mature, self-assured and understanding

Use this reconnection attempt to display what they might be missing out on. After all, confidence and thoughtfulness are core qualities able to transform a good sugar daddy into an absolute catch.

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4. All about ghosting – Don’t be pushy!

You did what you were supposed to. The ball is now on their side of the field. It is up to them to decide if they want to jump on a missed opportunity or move on with their life. If they still do not answer your message, it is time to let that sugar baby go. You should not beg for their attention: they may seem like amazing individuals, that would be absolutely fantastic to get to know, but so are you!

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5. Know that you deserve better.

Ghosting, while common, is not only rude: it is also an indicator of poor communication skills and a lack of maturity, both things that are the bane of a successful sugar relationship.  If your potential sugar baby did not have the consideration to speak to you clearly about their desires and their reason for leaving, it probably means they are not ready for the commitment of a sugar relationship.

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6. Move on!

While it might sting for a bit, remember that the sea is full of fish!  On SugarDaters there are hundreds of wonderful sugar babes waiting for a sugar daddy just like you, with enough maturity and compassion to be able to start and maintain effective communication.

So, what are you waiting for? Create a free profile when you are ready to meet your best match!