Lessons from online dating during pandemic

It is impossible to deny – COVID-19 has definitely changed the way we interact, date and, of course, sugar date. Online dating during the pandemic has been thriving, and so has online sugar dating. After all, scouting the virtual world was just one of the many ways at our disposal to find something—anything—to breach the monotony of days upon days spent at our kitchen tables, working from home in slacks or an eventual Zoom-safe blazer. And while, luckily, we will soon be free to move, live and love once again, we decided to take a moment to look back at the highlights that helped sugar babes, sugar daddies, toy boys and sugar mamas cope with a year of physical, but surely not emotional, distancing.


Dating during pandemic gave receiving mail a whole new meaning!

dating during pandemic mail


While spoiling your babe or surprising your daddy IRL became increasingly harder, many of us rediscovered the joy of finding a package waiting at our doorstep. It felt like Christmas all year around – just without the fairy lights and with Santa showing up in a mail van, instead of a sleigh.


Singles turned texting savvies when dating during pandemic

dating during pandemic texting


In the beginning, starting out conversations by messaging was a bit weird for many. Oddly embarrassing. Somehow awkward. However, already in the first few weeks of online dating during pandemic, shyness started melting away, and bored singles turned into Shakespeares of naughty word nuggets crafted in isolation of lockdown. Not only they managed to cultivate an impressive vocabulary of words-that-you-really-shall-not-use-in-front-of-your-grandma (who knew that there were so many ways to type away your feelings and fantasies), but many also found themselves crafting increasingly complex storylines about their lives and dating goals.

Messaging instead of talking has proved to be a fun (and extremely efficient) way to start out conversations with new people, as well as be transparent and clear about one’s expectations and dating goals – something that is already an integral part of sugar dating.

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Learning to work them lights

video chat or selfie?


Before the Covid madness made people transfer their dating lives onto the digital realm, the idea of having a romantic rendezvous on videocall felt estranging and intimidating. Then, little by little, singles learnt to see the charm of the process.

It was exciting, really, to take control and set the scene for the perfect, somewhat cinematic, dating experience. After all, on camera, you have the control over each tiny detail. No risk of screaming children or angry seagulls ruining the mood, no DJ with a very unpleasant obsession for the worst of the 90s bops, no random meeting of long-lost friends deciding that the midst of your romantic evening is the best moment to catch up (and possibly mention your most embarrassing memories!).

Instead, singles have been enjoying setting up the perfect background, exploring themes and colour schemes, selecting the ideal music and, well, with a bit of light magic, make themselves look like movie stars they always wanted to be.


So, does distance actually matter?

dating during pandemic distance


Not being able to meet in person, even if living in the same city, paradoxically gave singles the possibility to expand their horizons. SugarDaters have been seeing an increase in profiles of a sudden more willing to reach out, engaging with possible partners situated well, quite far from their back gardens. Thanks to online dating, sparks have been flying thousands of kilometres. Many hours went by staying up late, talking about favourite movies, exchanging music recommendations and yes, listening to each other’s fears as the world around us kept changing every day. Online sugar dating gave people something to look forward to, in an otherwise monotonous day-to-day.

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And it surprisingly made it easier to find the perfect partners. After all, without the distractions of everyday life, there was just us: people, laid bare, looking for human connections, hope and a spark of excitement.


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