How can I be a real sugar daddy in 2021?

The role of a sugar daddy in a relationship can be confusing at first. There are many different versions of the concept around the internet, in pop culture and in the media, which can make it difficult to make an informed understanding of what a classic sugar daddy traditionally is, what is expected from him, and what traditional sugar babies and toy boys are looking for in a man. Being the largest sugar dating platform in Europe for nearly a decade, we are happy to guide anyone curious about the original concept and what it actually entails. So, what does being a classic sugar daddy mean? What should you expect, prepare for, or be cautious about? And how to create a profile that communicates the right message? Here are the key no-BS takeaways that will help you make the right impression and attract the person you are looking for.


A real sugar daddy won’t flex right away

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Unless you’d like to be immediately perceived as nothing more than a limitless piggy bank, hold back from flexing your lifestyle and possessions in your profile text and first messages. These topics will come up naturally in a conversation with the right person anyway, so there is no need to flaunt your status symbols as the main quality that defines you. Instead, focus on the qualities that helped you achieve success: traits like determination, knowledge, experience, intellect, or ability to make connections.


Why is this important? It’s simple. By presenting yourself as someone capable of achieving and retaining success, you will show that you are in control of your life and are able to stay afloat and prosper in spite of challenges life throws at you. Which is what women and men who are looking for a classic sugar daddy are really into. Second, by first presenting who you are instead of what you have, you will keep the people who are only looking to use you away, and will attract the one who will appreciate and adore you for who you are.


Finally, it goes without saying that you shouldn’t make direct offers of money or things as the opening part of your conversation with a sugar baby. Not only will it minimise you as a person in their view, but it will also be extremely disrespectful towards the other person. 


The mindset of generosity

Now that we covered the “success” part of the “successful and generous” sugar daddy equation, let’s unpack the “generosity” part. If success of a classic sugar daddy is about what you have to offer and what a sugar baby or a toy boy can learn from you, generosity is all about your willingness to share the good life that you have and your experience that helped you get there.


At the end of the day, the mindset of a classic sugar daddy is about willingness to make your partner feel safe, supported, appreciated and adored. And it’s not limited to the things you can buy.

real sugar daddy generous


Be a gentleman and a real sugar daddy

As every traditional sugar baby could confirm, respect is the sexiest personality trait of a classic sugar daddy. This is one of the most popular words that is mentioned in sugar baby profile texts since the inception of SugarDaters.


Sugar dating allows you to openly talk about your expectations and boundaries from the very beginning of communication. Which gives you the opportunity to ask what the other person is looking for and what their expectations, as well as limitations, are. As a classical sugar daddy, you must take all of that into consideration and never cross the boundaries you have together agreed on. In short, be considerate, attentive and respectful at all times, which is also what you should be expecting from your partner. Which brings us to the last point:


Avoid this red flag at all costs

As much as we are trying to keep SugarDaters a platform where exclusively traditional and well-intentioned sugar daddies, sugar babies, sugar mamas and toy boys meet by manually checking all incoming profiles, an essential part of ensuring legitimacy of the profiles is the reports we receive from our members. This way our customer support can investigate and block inappropriate profiles.


Which means that it’s also up to you to make sure that the sugar baby or a toy boy you’re talking to is not trying to misuse the site by trying to trick you into buying services such as spicy pictures, cam shows or “quick meetings.” There is nothing wrong with consensual sex work, however, SugarDaters is not a place for that.


Which means that if someone disguised as a sugar baby is offering any type of services or inviting you to another platform to continue communication, you can be sure that it’s not a relationship with a classic sugar daddy that she’s looking for. Other than ignoring these types of profiles, we strongly encourage you to report them to us by using the “report profile” function. This way, our members can help us ensure that SugarDaters stays the platform where a classic sugar daddy can find the sugar babe of his dreams.

This is one of the main red flags a classic sugar daddy should be prepared to spot and avoid, but it’s not the only one. What are the others? We already covered this in more detail here.


Now you are ready to become a real sugar daddy! Log in or create an account to find your sugar match!


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