Conscious online dating 101: be mindful of your and others safety and privacy

Online dating has been rapidly taking over analogue dating in the past decade — a tendency that has accelerated even faster due to the Covid-pandemic. Lockdowns and social distancing measures have exacerbated the feelings of isolation and loneliness. As a result, more singles have decided to give online dating a try, either for simply flirting online, or for meeting for a coffee on a bench. Which became applicable even to those who would normally prefer meeting people offline. For this reason, the concept of conscious online dating has become extremely important — see below why it matters and what it entails.


Conscious online dating: meeting someone online is fundamentally different than meeting in real life


When it comes to online dating, you’re never 100% sure who’s on the other side of the screen, thus you need to take certain precautions. We’ve already covered the essentials of safe online dating in our blog post back in 2020. There, we outlined the key guidelines everyone should be aware of and apply when looking for a date online. 


The rule of thumb is….
…Act online the same way you’d act towards inappropriate or unethical behaviour offline

In the same way you wouldn’t trust a stranger you just met on the street, you should be equally cautious on the internet. If someone asks you, for example, for your phone number, where you live, some money, or asks you to send them inappropriate pictures of you and/or activate your webcam to record you, it’s not even necessary to mention that you should say no and report them. They will probably request the same things from others, as they are trying to request from you. You’re contributing to making the online environment a tad safer by reporting such individuals.


conscious online dating


Enjoy the internet! Online dating can be fun

Together with you, we are making SugarDaters a safe and pleasant environment to connect, chat and get inspired. If you want to enjoy SugarDaters at its maximum potential, remember to report any suspicious activity. 


We also have an army of people who everyday go an extra mile to make sure that inappropriate content does not go live on the site. On top of that — this goes without saying — SugarDaters is a platform for 18+ only. Meaning that if our army spots an underaged profile or even one photo resembling someone who could be underaged, that account is permanently banned. As a conscious member of SugarDaters, you must report such profiles too. 


Bottom line: sugar dating is a relationship type for two consensual adults. It is a voluntary relationship between equal partners. Nothing more, and nothing less.


Online dating is fun, and meeting new people online is exciting. There is always a chance that you’ll meet the love of your life on the next date, or will at least have a nice chat with someone interesting, charming and inspiring. Similarly though, there’s also a chance that things will go wrong, and the date will turn out to be an utter disappointment, for one reason or another. To make sure we prevent the latter, we have to be conscious and responsible here on SugarDaters and everywhere else on the internet. Because only conscious online dating is fun!