How can I be a traditional sugar baby?

The phenomenon of sugar dating is nothing new. Traditional sugar babies have been around  at least since The Great Gatsby. On top of that, since the beginning of time, women have been interested in men who can guarantee them security. The difference between now and then are simply the labels. Back then, a woman would have been praised for choosing a man capable of supporting her and taking care of the family. Whereas now, the media has been quick to judgement and quickly associated the term sugar baby with that of sex worker, and the two couldn’t be more different. 


Unfortunately, some of the sugar daddies you might run into might not understand the difference between the two either. (Because let us tell you a secret: misinformed press articles obviously bring in misinformed users. ;)) We would recommend avoiding them as they would be better off on an escort website. There are certain ways to spot these kinds of fake sugar daddies or misinformed users and there are easy ways to avoid them. Here are three main ones.

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Present yourself as a traditional sugar baby in your profile


traditional sugar baby profile


We’d suggest uploading photos on your profile you’d normally share with anyone else. Decent photos attract decent daddies. So, what you put out there is what you attract back. Make sure you keep everything light and fun about your interests and love for life. Do not write anything about your sex life in your profile. There’ll be plenty of time to get into that later on with the right person. This should eliminate daddies who are seeking for purely physical encounters. Thus, not everyone should have the privilege to know about your intimate preferences. Keep the mystery for a while longer.


He seeks a ‘transaction’? He’s not a sugar daddy


traditional sugar baby


If he’s inquiring how much a date with you in a hotel room would cost or bathes you in overly sexual messages, ignore him. He’s not looking for a traditional sugar baby. And please report him as well, since he found himself on the wrong website. Sugar babies do not offer services. Instead, they date. And they date with different people to test the waters, until they find the real thing. Then it can obviously lead to spending the night together and breakfast next morning, since it’s a natural part of a romantic relationship. 


He’s asking for intimate pics right off the bat


traditional sugar baby tips


If right after the first message you are invited elsewhere, e.g. another communication platform (e.g. where he’d like you to share adult content such as cam shows or photos ‘to see what you’re wearing right now’), he might not be looking for a traditional sugar baby. Instead he’s looking for purely temporary fun, and most likely that conversation won’t lead into a meaningful date or a relationship. 


There are plenty of men on SugarDaters who are looking for an emotional, intellectual and fun connection with a younger beautiful woman – a traditional sugar baby. It can sometimes take a number of meaningless conversations before you’ll find the real thing. But finding it is always worth the struggle.


Feeling ready to be a traditional sugar baby? 

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