Gift ideas for her: make an impression!

Chocolate and flowers are great on any day, Valentine’s Day included. But if you really want to make an impression, an extra-thoughtful present is something a little more strategic. Love in the time of lockdown is a tricky business. Especially that romantic travels to tropical islands have to wait for now. However, you can still spoil your partner. Take a look at our edit of luxury treats. Since last week we covered Valentine’s Day 2021 Gift Ideas if you’re on a budget, this week we’re giving you inspiration for some fancy gift ideas for her to really get her attention.


Gift ideas for her: Jewelry gifts they’ll love


It’s a classic, but who doesn’t like jewelry and a little bit of sparkle? Another advantage coming your way, jewelry prices vary a lot, so you can really splurge or choose something more affordable, depending on how much you want to impress. How to choose a piece that she’d die for? First, think about the jewelry that she’s currently wearing. What does she like? Earrings, rings, necklaces? Gold or silver? Does she like crystals? Just in case, keep the receipt, but the key is in surprise!


Luxury brand tag gifts


Chanel, Dior, Marc Jacobs immediately make you think of luxury. Certain items, like bags, shoes, clothing are very pricy and not many can afford them, however, makeup products and perfumes yell luxury brands, but are much gentler on your wallet.( Buying) Offering  her the new Chanel eyeshadow palette or Marc Jacobs perfume will make her feel special, and you won’t go bankrupt. Other makeup brands to search for: Charlotte Tilbury, Laura Mercier, Giorgio Armani, Nars, Urban Decay. You’re welcome.


Gift ideas for her… Wellness


While our opportunities to get out and get professional facial treatments are still very limited, we need to take best possible care of our skin while at home. So, chances are, your (boo) sugar babe is just as obsessed with skincare right now! Just to name a few fancy brands that are on the market: La Mer, Tatcha, Drunk Elephant, Caudalie… Look into her beauty (bathroom) cabinet and see what products she likes to use (hint: look at serums and moisturizers). There are also many specialized skincare tools available – face massagers, quartz jade rollers, sculpting bars, foreo tools. If you feel lost, look at online reviews or ask for help at your local Sephora.


A Valentine’s gift related to her interests


What does your partner like to do in her free time? If she likes photography, a new camera will make her swoon. She hits the gym whenever she has a chance? New gym clothing, resistance bands or home gym equipment will make her day. Try to think which products will make her scream from happiness! If you can’t – no worries, just ask! A good Valentine’s day gift doesn’t have to be a surprise;)


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