Valentine’s Day 2021 Gift Ideas: if you’re on a budget

Valentine’s day 2021 will be a great opportunity to redefine romance. As we know, most of the traditional Valentine’s date options, even as simple as going out to dinner or watching Hollywood’s latest romcom are, well, not possible. As it comes to romantic gift options, you’ll need to be…well…creative. Especially if you’re on a tight budget, yet still want to surprise your partner or the new crush and show him/her/them you care. Read on to get inspired for your Valentine’s shopping list!


Safety is the new sexy: mask up their pretty face

You saw this one coming, didn’t you? As boring as it sounds, this is the perfect way to show your chosen one you care about their safety and health. And style. If you’re unsure about your fashion choices, opt for the safest option – the FFP2 mask, or, if you’re feeling fancy, the FFP3 one. Because high-protection filters are the new hot thing. Mask filters, not Instagram filters, haha.

Snuggly little (or big) something

Is your lover working from home at the moment? In that case, other than occasional Zoom conferences, they won’t find an elegant shirt, blouse, a red tie or scarf particularly useful (unless you insist:)). Instead, opt for something casual and practical, such as comfy slippers, a cardigan, or a funny T-shirt. Or something closer to their skin;)

Budget-friendly home-office upgrade

Since we’re on a budget here, Valentine’s day 2021 won’t be the right time to splurge on tech gadgets, designer desks or upscale office chairs. But it doesn’t mean you can’t add a little reminder about you they could put on their desk. Like fresh flowers, a fidget spinner, a teddy bear, or a heart-shaped picture of you two (or just you, just make sure it’s not NSFW, because, you know, home office is still a workplace).

Your picture-perfect good life dating love story

Speaking of photos, there’s another romantic gift you may want to consider, even if your budget is literally zero. Collect a bunch of pictures and videos that remind of your special moments together so far, both offline and online. And create a digital collage, a short movie using a free software, or… a PowerPoint presentation. Whatever your choice of medium, this gift will remind of the good times you had dating, travelling and having fun. And, more importantly, it will send a message that all of those moments were just the beginning of your good life dating story.

Love is sweet

Don’t underestimate the power of a heart-shaped box of chocolates. Even if it seems too basic in your love language, this Valentine’s day staple is a time-transcending classic for a reason. It’s symbolic. It’s cute. And, most importantly, it’s sweet. Just like your love.


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