6 personality traits women find attractive

Naturally, good looks play an important role in being attractive, however a sharp jawline and a nice body won’t do the trick all by themselves, especially if you’re looking for a long-term relationship. So, what other than a pretty smile (read: abs) can help you win her interest and earn her attention? A charming personality, of course! And these 6 personality traits will make a good start.


Emotional intelligence

Or, in other words, showing warmth and remaining calm. Whether she spilled some wine on your shirt, some a-hole driver challenged your patience on the road, or, let’s say, the world was hit by a pandemic. In testing situations, there is nothing more attractive than your ability to react with calmness and grace.


Being able to hold a conversation – personality traits

There’s nothing worse than being on the date with someone who doesn’t know how to hold the conversation. Your date will try to escape through the bathroom window if the only words that come out of your mouth are ‘yes,’ ‘no,’ or (the worst of all) ‘maybe.’ It’s almost as bad as only talking about yourself, not asking her questions, and not showing your interest in her.


The ability to laugh things off

Now, the tables have turned. You’re the one who did something embarrassing, slip on the ice for instance. You’re going to come off as way more attractive if you simply laugh things off saying how clumsy you are as opposed to being upset or mad that your date giggled a little. If you show that there is nothing to be embarrassed about, your date will also not find it embarrassing, and will share a small laugh with you instead.


Be non-judgemental & attentive

Your date wants to feel safe with you and be able to share her life stories and concerns. Women want to be with men that are concerned about their feelings and well-being. If you see that something bothers her, ask her about it. After talking things out, she’s going to feel closer to you and you’ll become attractive beyond just physically. 


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Be approachable

Contrary to popular belief, women prefer men who seem approachable, someone that they feel welcome to talk to. Open body language and a smile in your profile pic can go a long way;)


Personality traits: Be confident, not arrogant

Confidence smiles, arrogance smirks;) Women love confident men! It’s definitely one of the most attractive personality traits, however some confuse it with arrogance. Being confident means that you appreciate your abilities and qualities, but you don’t see yourself above anyone else.

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