My New Year’s resolutions: user testimony

This year was truly like no other. For the first time in my life, I couldn’t spend Christmas with my family. Which made me realize how lonely I was. First of all, over the summer I went through a breakup. Me and my ex dated for over a year, which doesn’t seem like much, but with corona and everything closed, bouncing back up was harder than I expected. On top of that, most of my friends are in serious relationships, some are even married with kids, so they have their own lives. They obviously wanted to spend time with their loved ones and I had all this free time, especially free Friday nights and I didn’t really know what to do with myself. I put all of my energy into uni and into my free time. I watched pretty much everything on Netflix, but overall the end of 2020 was pretty lonely and boring. On top of that, with the corona cases increasing I couldn’t go back home for Christmas. For the first time in my life. On Christmas Day I cried, because I was lonely and frustrated. This experience made me realize that I want to make some changes in my life. So, here are my New Year’s Resolutions:


😇 Stop relying on others to make me happy – New Year’s Resolutions

I think it’s the task I assigned to my boyfriend at the time and then when it was over. This year, I want to officially reassign this job to myself. I want to work on myself and learn what makes me happy. So that guys I date are fun and exciting additions to my life, but if things don’t work out, I know exactly who I am and where I stand. It’s kinda dangerous to place your well-being in the hands of others. 


💬 Meet more people at my stage in life

I’ve made friends over the years, but things aren’t how they used to be. My childhood and college friends moved on with their lives, they are in serious relationships and building families. I got comfortable with them, since we’ve known each other for so long and went through a lot, but I think it’s time for me to make new friends, who are single like me. So that we can talk with each other about dates and guys and I don’t have to worry if I sound silly. This is just the stage in life where I’m at, and I want to take advantage of it to the fullest.


💖 Stop chasing ‘the one’

Whenever I started dating someone, right away I would picture the guy as ‘the one,’ wondering how things would be if we became super serious. I was planning the future with a guy whom I didn’t know so well, and created a whole fairytale in my head. Now, looking back, I don’t think it’s good to live in fairytales. I would fully close off myself to others and other opportunities, stuck in the bubble that I created. I want to have more fun this year! Go on different dates with different people and not get so attached. And that’s how I ended up on SugarDaters among other dating sites. I want to meet people with lifestyles different than mine and see who’s out there.


🚩 New Year’s Resolutions: Learn my worth & stop ignoring the red flags

I did that in the past a lot. A guy would display some classic red flags, but I would downplay it. I was scared that I might not find anyone better, and, as a result, got stuck with the wrong guy for way too long. Now I want to learn my worth. I want to work on myself and my self-esteem, so when the things are not right, I have courage to end things quickly. 


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🖌️ Have my own interests & hobbies

Since I’ve watched everything on Netflix, I need to find a new hobby to add to the list of my New Year’s resolutions:D Also, I want to do more than just sit on my couch looking at the screen. It’s hard now with corona and the lockdowns, but I want to make an effort. I want to have some fun and have some interesting things to do in my free time that make me excited. I have no clue what that will be yet, but we’ll see. One of my friends does the ‘wine & paint’ thing, so maybe I’ll try that. My other friend goes to hot yoga, I could try that also. I’ll see what sticks. 


New Year's resolutions


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