Dating Trends you can expect in 2021

If you’ve been observant lately, these dating trends have already been dominating the dating scene for a large portion of 2020. Lockdowns, social distancing and other safety measures make our regular dating habits almost obsolete. And it is very likely that these trends will continue into 2021, until every single person gets vaccinated from ‘Rona. As depressing the “new normal” might be, it also has some positive things to offer as it comes to dating. Continue reading for all the positives and negatives of the new dating trends! 


1. Taking it slow… one of the top-notch dating trends


Hitting the third, the second, and even the first bases with someone you started dating has become complicated. Unless your date provides you with a fresh proof they’re ‘Rona-free, even a touch on a hand or kiss on the cheek may be too big of a risk to take. Which means that even those who like to move fast in a new relationship, are forced to keep their hands to themselves (in the most literal sense). However, as frustrating as it might be to physically distance from someone you like, it also opens new possibilities to get to know the person. Instead of rushing things, you’ll spend some quality time talking and sharing, getting to see what your date is really about.


2. …but moving in together fast 


Locking it down FAST – this is something that’s been trending this year, and will likely keep happening in a great portion of 2021. What does it actually mean? Well, singles know how lonely it can feel to quarantine on your own, normal social interactions being out of picture. Therefore, we’ve been seeing it a lot: once you like someone, you skip the steps of regular dating, get tested, and move in with them! Lockdown is much more fun in pairs, so there’s no shame in moving in with someone much faster than you normally would. 


3. Platonic relationships


As it turns out, those of us who thought writing love letters (aka sexting) to your crush ended in Victorian times were… just wrong. An extreme version of taking things slow, platonic relationships are practically unavoidable these times. But it’s not all doom and gloom. First, you’ll get to know your date much better than you normally would while you’re keeping the physical distance. Quality over quantity! And second, having platonic relationships with multiple people doesn’t count as cheating, does it?;)


4. Listing


Not meeting up with people doesn’t mean you can’t check out your options! And once you do, you can make a list, whether in your head or in your notes or in the ‘Favorite’ section on SugarDaters , of dates you’ll have once the madness is over. This is a new and improved way to keep your options open and stay positive towards your dating future.


5. Long-distancing


Long distance dating is nothing new in the digital era, however, now even those who prefer meeting up ASAP to get things going, are expanding their horizons by dating people from other cities or even countries. Who knows, maybe 2021 will be the year you’ll move to another country and change your scenery with someone you’ve been dating online!


6. Out-doorsing dating trends


Even if you don’t see yourself as a particularly outdoors-y person, meeting up outside is the safest thing to do now, and will probably stay one of the top dating trends in 2021. Taking a walk together with some coffee (or beer) to-go in the city can be as romantic as taking a hike in the forest. Keep your mind open and stay active! The dark days shall pass, and they’ll pass much quicker with a hot new date