Cuffing season: what is that?

As days get colder and it gets dark faster, we just want to stay at home watching a movie underneath the blanket. Suddenly, the idea of having someone special to cuddle with becomes much more appealing. Sounds familiar? Well, welcome to cuffing season


What is cuffing season?


It’s basically the time of the year, starting in October and ending in March, when we are more eager to find a stable partner with whom we can share the cold and festive days. When the cuffing season ends with the start of spring, the couple decides whether they want to keep their relationship going or thank each other for the cosy winter and go separate ways.


Why winter months?


First, the weather! We want to hide from the cold and stay inside with the cup of hot tea. We crave for Netflix-and-chill kind of dates, so it makes more sense to shackle up with one person for the season. Additionally, the lack of sunlight is nature’s precursor to sadness or even seasonal depression. On cold winter evenings, we feel more lonely, and cuddles and human touch are the best known remedies to bad mood.


Second, all the festive days are coming up! Going home for Christmas means that your family is going to ask you why you’re still single and compare you to your cousin. On New Year Eve, you watch couples kiss at midnight, and then, of course, there’s Valentines Day, the day of love. It’s all so much easier to get through if you have a romantic interest by your side.


Why ‘cuffing’ season?


You basically ‘cuff’ yourself to someone for the season, hence the name. It might sound scary to the committed singles, but your cuffing partner is not necessarily meant to be with you forever. Of course, you can make the serious relationship out of it if you want to, but the basic idea is to have someone to help you get through the winter. 


What does science say?


Marisa T Cohen, a relationship scientist, states that there is little empirical evidence that cuffing season actually exists, but there is definitely something to it. A study from the University of Wrocław showed that men found women’s bodies more attractive during the winter, and another study showed that our serotonin levels often get lower in the winter, thus our desire for sexual/romantic partners increases. Additionally, the production of testosterone picks up in October/November, making men more “in the mood.” So, all things considered, it looks like cuffing season is science-approved.


Should I look for a cuffing season partner?


December has already started, which means NOW is your last chance to find your cuffing season partner! If you find someone within the next 3 weeks, you’ll be able to spend all the winter festivities together and enjoy the worst winter months, January and February, together. 


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And where can you find a Cuffing Season Partner?

On SugarDaters, of course!