Christmas 2020 pandemic – how to celebrate?

December usually comes with cozy Christmas markets, madness of shopping at the local mall and corporate holiday parties. Well, not this year… After all, 2020 has been a time like no other. Our entire year looked completely different than what we planned and expected, and Christmas 2020 will be no exception. Many countries are currently on light lockdowns, social distancing is still a thing, and we already have guest limits recommendations for the Christmas day. So how to celebrate Christmas in 2020? Here are a few tips to keep the Christmas spirit this year!


šŸŖEnjoy the Christmas activities insideĀ 

Obviously, staying in is the main recommendation in the times of pandemic. But no worries, there is so much that you and your sugar partner can do! Here are some ideas:

  • DIY home decor inspired by Pinterest and Youtube
  • Decorate your apartment together
  • Watch Christmas movie
  • Make homemade mulled wine
  • Bake Christmas cookies
  • Enjoy Christmas music sing-alongs

All of the above activities will help you get into Christmas spirit immediately, especially if you do them while wearing a Christmas themed sweater, sipping mulled wine or egg nog.


šŸ›ļøShop locally & online

At this point, most of us rely on online shopping anyways, and the trend is going to continue for Christmas gift hunting as well. Itā€™s still the safest way to do your shopping as you avoid the crowds and potential discomfort of wearing a mask. If you however wish to shop the old fashioned way, check out the local stores in your area and avoid malls and huge commercial chains. Your small local stores took the covid hit the hardest and they need your support to stay afloat!


šŸŽPrepare Christmas baskets for family and friends

With social distancing and worrying about your elder or sick relatives, traditional Christmas

gatherings are definitely a no go, but you can still show the people you care about that they are in your thoughts! Prepare a surprise basket with some chocolates, oranges, a bottle of wine, movie recommendations and pretty much anything that comes to your mind. Then drop it off at their place! Imagine how touched your grandparents will be by the surprise!


šŸŽ…Organize an Online Secret Santa Exchange

Secret Santa is a great tradition, especially among friends! Getting a nice Christmas present for everyone in your friend group is often unrealistic, which is why Secret Santa was invented! Luckily, there is no need to give it up this year! You can drop off your gift at your friendā€™s doorstep or mail it, and you can all open your gifts together on a Zoom call! Letā€™s keep the tradition going in the 2020 way!


šŸ’Volunteer and donate

Every year, many families struggle to provide their kids with Christmas presents, and since this year many have been struggling more than ever, they need your help! Google local organizations in your region and see how you can help! Nothing gets you into the Christmas spirit better than a little bit of kindness!


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