Relationship red flags for Sugar Daddy

Last week, we were talking about relationship red flags for sugar babies. Now, we’re sharing some tips with you, sugar daddy. These are the main relationship red flags you should watch out for in your new sugar baby. Prevent things from going downhill from the very beginning and preserve your precious time by making sure that your sugar date doesn’t tick any of the boxes below!


💻 She drops a link to her profile on… eh… an adult platform


If right after the first message she invites you to her profile elsewhere, chances are, she’s not a real sugar baby, but someone who is creating adult videos as a source of income. Which is totally fine, however, if a girl you just met on SugarDaters is only asking to support her account elsewhere, she’s probably not interested in meeting in real life or establishing a relationship with a sugar daddy.


🎁 She’s requesting any kind of payments, presents or rewards before the first date


Of course, it’s up to you to order flowers (or a diamond ring, haha) to her house just after you’ve exchanged a few words. That will surely make an impression. However, if presents is something that she is bringing up first, it usually means that she is only interested in your wallet, and not in making a real-life, personal connection with you.


👿 She’s a mean girl


To people in service, to waiters, to cab drivers… Everywhere you go together, she is straight up rude to everyone. And no, this is not about her being playfully mean or sarcastic with her friends. It’s her giving a cold shoulder to everyone who happens to cross her way. She’s not mean to you though, you say? Well, it’s just a matter of time.


💔 She constantly talks about her ex


No matter how young she might be, your sugar baby probably has some emotional baggage. Just like everyone else, no matter their age or gender. However, if her ex is the focus of your first conversations already, she’s probably not ready to move on yet. She’ll be constantly comparing you with her previous daddy, whether in a good or bad light. So, unless you’re so into her that you don’t mind being a temporary rebound, you should keep looking. 


🤐 She’s always talking, but never listening


You ask her how her day was, and she goes on for hours, going into every little detail of her studies, work, friendships, who said what and what happened next. And then you need to ask another question. The only topic that never comes up is how your day went. This is a warning sign that she’s appreciating a listening ear, yet your life or your personality is not something she’s honestly interested in.