Red flags in a relationship with a man

Relationship red flags: the sugar baby edition

He has anger issues – Red flags in a relationship with a man

Let’s imagine this scenario. It’s your first sugar date, you meet a sugar daddy for a coffee or dinner. Someone accidentally stepped on his shoe. The person apologises right away, but you can see anger in his eyes as he snaps at that person right away. He’s clearly upset, and his bad mood begins to ruin your date. This is a general, universal and one of the most important relationship red flags in a relationship with a man. If little things like that make him so angry, how do you think your future relationship would look like?


He speaks ill of his exes

Of course, it’s normal to share some of your past experiences with each other, but if he constantly ditches his ex, how do you think he will talk about you after the first disagreement? Even if he’s nice to you now, he won’t be able to keep it up for too long.


He insists on ‘discretion’ and suggests meeting at his place for the first date

This is a red flag from the get go. Your safety has to be your first priority at all times, and meeting someone you don’t know yet at their home is waaay too soon.


He completely disregards your opinions and feelings

I mean, you can’t potentially build a relationship and be happy with someone like that… Being part of the SugarDaters community is all about living the good life, and expressing what you’re feeling or thinking is an essential part of it. It’s one of the most important red flags in a relationship with a man.


He’s trying to be controlling – Red flags in a relationship with a man

There is no place for that in any relationship, and especially not in the Good Life Dating one. It’s all about being with someone that you have lots of fun with and who shares the same goals as you. There’s no way that you (or anyone) should be with someone who limits your freedom (unless it’s a part of your consensual sex fantasy, of course). But outside of your bedroom, nope!


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He insists on communicating on a free app or on the phone

Is a sugar daddy you just met online asking for other contact details already in his first message? In that case, it’s most likely a no-go. Messaging on SugarDaters keeps your other social accounts private and those should be only for people you know well enough like friends, family, colleagues and so on. You decide if you want him throw a glance over your Instagram profile. Only make sure that you have exchanged a few messages first and you feel comfortable sharing a private piece of your life with someone new. 

Watch out for these red flags while looking for your sugar daddy now!