Loneliness: 4 SugarDaters functions to fix it

Coronavirus has been making a noticeable impact on our social lives. It’s been over a half year since we got to meet our potential dates in bars and clubs downtown. With all the masks, social distancing and other restrictions, flirting and romance are not the same anymore… so it’s only natural that loneliness kicks in as we’re missing the good ol’ social days. 

However, even though there is no vaccine available for Covid yet, there is definitely one for loneliness. It’s connecting with people. Therefore, in the midst of pandemic, SugarDaters launched new features and improved old functions which are designed to maximize your chances of finding new and interesting connections. Take a look below to find out how to make most of the functions you’re already using to chase away the loneliness and find the right people for you.


🔍Play around with search function and stop your loneliness

Have you been wondering how SugarDaters selects your matches? The matches you see on the site and receive to your email inbox are based on your latest search filters. Which means that each time you adjust them, your matches get updated. To start, adjust your search area. Add different regions and different cities. Also, if you live close to the border, see who’s on the other side!

Second, you can choose the desired features in a person by adjusting appearance and background search. Just keep in mind that if you’re extremely specific with the appearance, you may trap yourself with only a handful of matches. Remember – your perfect match may not be who you imagine as your exact “type”. Do you prefer blondes? Give brunettes and redheads a shot! Maybe one of them will wow you with his/her charm and personality. The point being, don’t put too much focus on the surface aspects and don’t let the little details limit your options.

You can change your search criteria at any time, so don’t be scared to play around with them! SugarDaters has nearly a million users worldwide and new members are joining every day, so the more you expand your search and the more often you tweak the filters, the bigger are your chances to get new matches and eventually find the one.


🔖Find your perfect companion using tags

We introduced tags to help you get a quick insight into what that member whose profile you’re visiting is looking for. One look is enough to see if you have common interests and shared expectations, which means that you don’t have to spend too much time reading into someone’s profile – a few seconds are enough to get an idea if this person could be right for you.

And, of course, don’t forget to enhance your profile by clicking on relevant tags, which will help others to get some insight into your personality and what type of relationship you’re looking for.


❤️Add your favourite members to favourites list: no mire loneliness!

You can now save the profiles that caught your eye on your favourites list to make sure that you always have them around. Perhaps you’d like to initiate conversations only when that person is online for more instant communication, or you would like to date a specific person who is not in your area right now, but will be in the near future. Creating and maintaining your sugar relationships is now easier than it ever was.


🛎️Be our comrade by using the report button

Every day, we work on keeping SugarDaters above the average in our niche industry by—among other things—curating profiles and their content. SugarDaters becomes better and better for you and for everyone else every time you report inappropriate, offensive or seemingly fake profiles. With every bad profile banned, you are one step closer to your next date.

For example, if someone offers to buy some pictures or is pushing you to transfer your communication to another site or app already in their first messages, you might want to consider hitting that ‘report’ button as these are some of the most common red flags in online dating.


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Long story short, by reporting the bad apples you come in contact with, you help enhance everyone’s experience on SugarDaters, including yours, as well as your own chances to start building valuable relationships. For now, online.


Physical distancing doesn’t have to mean social distancing. 

Now more than ever, connecting with people is essential to our wellbeing. 

Log in to SugarDaters or create a free account and put your loneliness to lockdown.

Good luck and stay safe!