What is a Toy Boy? Can I play with it/him?

toy boy

When we hear sugar dating, what jumps to our minds first? Probably an older man dating a younger woman. However—and especially if you read our earlier postyou should know that sugar dating offers way more options than that! And this includes being a toy boy.


Women can be sugar daddies! And they are called sugar mamas. Men can be sugar babies. And they are called toy boys! In our last post from the Sugar Dating Essentials series, we’re putting the last missing piece to the sugar dating puzzle.


What kind of men become toy boys?


A toy boy is simply a male version of a sugar baby. He is good looking and charming, and often is the younger half in a sugar relationship. And who he is attracted to are successful and experienced women and/or men who not only have their lives together, but also ready to share their success and wisdom with their partner.


Men who decide to try out the role of a toy boy in a relationship are not as attracted to their peers, either because they feel more mature mentally than women or men their age, or because simply dating a more mature person seems more exciting and promising.


Also, toy boys, just like everyone in the sugar dating community, like to be upfront and honest about their goals and expectations from the beginning of a relationship.


What type of relationship are they looking for?


They’re looking for a partner who has clear goals in life and has experience and wisdom to share. Someone who is able to open new doors, offer new opportunities and sensations. Toy boys are eager to have new experiences and receive valuable mentorship. In short, they’re looking for the good life, one that is only possible in the company of a sugar daddy or a sugar mama.


Toy boy as a partner is…


Full of youthful energy, ability to live in the moment, excitement and adventure. As partners, toy boys are caring, dedicated and attentive. They value their sugar partner and his/her generosity towards them, and are ready to go an extra mile to match their expectations.


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