What is a Sugar Mama? Do they exist?

Sugar Mama is a term lesser known outside of the sugar dating community. Everyone has got an idea on what a sugar daddy and a sugar baby are, but what is a sugar mama?

What is a Sugar Mama?

What kind of women become sugar mamas?


In modern society, the days when men were pulling all the strings are long gone. Now, we are finally able to comprehend that women are able to compete on the same level and achieve incredible things as leaders, scientists, doctors, lawyers, entrepreneurs, or whatever they choose to pursue. And, of course, they are aware that whatever type of relationship they choose, their choice is valid.


She’s a woman who is on top of the game, is fulfilled with her life, and feels young regardless of her age. She is full of life and energy—that’s why she craves for a company of someone beautiful and charming—a boy toy or a sugar baby—to spend her free time and experience the good life with. Without the neediness, drama and chaos of a traditional relationship.


What type of relationship are they looking for?


Often, this type of woman doesn’t see the white picket fence lifestyle as her ultimate goal in life. Instead, she wants a simpler, drama-free relationship that would bring beauty, excitement and relaxation to her day-to-day.


Sugar mama as a partner is…


Just like a sugar daddy, a sugar mama has caring and nurturing nature, and she wants to share her successes, life experience, beautiful moments and mentorship with someone young, passionate and charming.


Typically, she is the older person in a sugar couple, hence she is able to provide mature advice and express valuable opinions. She is often a career-driven and independent person who is not interested in playing the traditional role in a relationship. Instead, she likes to take control and be in charge. Both in her life and in her relationships. Why? Because she’s a boss.


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