What is sugar dating? Is it dating with sugar?

For those who have never tried it, sugar dating is a mysterious topic. Those who have, however, rarely want to go back to traditional relationships. Sugar dating opens up a whole new world of possibilities and experiences and, more than any other type of relationship, has the potential to be entirely drama-free. Whether you’d like to meet someone experienced and generous, or beautiful and charming, sugar dating is exactly what you’re looking for.


So what makes this type of relationship so special? And what is sugar dating that SugarDaters support and promote?


Essentially, sugar dating is a type of relationship where two people are involved in based on mutual attraction, respect as well as based on what each of them has to offer. Often, but not necessarily, there is an age gap between sugar partners – a sugar daddy and a sugar baby, a sugar mama and a boy toy, a sugar daddy and a boy toy, or a sugar mama and a sugar baby. Ideally, it’s a lasting relationship where both parties feel equal and appreciated.


Of course, every sugar relationship is different and unique. Typically, however, one person in a sugar couple takes on a generous, caring and all-round supportive role in the relationship. Sugar daddies and sugar mamas are those who have the giving, nurturing and caring type of personality. They like to share their resources, life experience and provide mentorship to their sugar baby or their boy toy. People who like to take on roles of sugar babies and boy toys are those who bring their attraction, charm and personality to the relationship.

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All in all, sugar dating is about experiencing the new, exceeding your boundaries and creating a life full of experiences that would otherwise be out of reach. It’s not about finances or dating someone just because they look good. It’s all about the good life – where you wake up every morning for a new adventure, happy about the relationship you are in and the person you are with.


Good Life Dating is the essence of sugar dating adapted for this day and age. You can find our Good Life Dating Manifesto here.


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