What is a sugar baby? Should I meet one?

The concept of a sugar baby is surrounded by many theories. Some think sugar babies are purely materialistic people, while others idolize their social status and power over men. Both of these preconceptions are, however, far from reality.


So what is a sugar baby, and what does it actually mean to be one?


Generally speaking, she is a woman who is attracted to men (sugar daddies) and/or women (sugar mamas) who are accomplished, experienced, have a clear vision for life as well as a generous mindset towards their sugar partner.


Undeniably, a sugar baby is someone who tends to appreciate the good life as much as the mind of someone who has seen and done more than her. Whereas the person who chooses to be with her appreciates her inner and outer beauty, charming personality, spontaneity, wit and individuality.


Oftentimes, yet not necessarily, a sugar baby is the younger party in a sugar relationship. Why? Well, usually a sugar baby simply is attracted to older men and/or women. And beware – not older in general, just older than she is. She is genuinely interested in discovering the journey, experiences and values of a successful person.


Another reason why so many women find themselves in sugar dating is because they value honesty and openness from the very beginning of the relationship. They have a drama-free and direct approach towards their status in a couple and know how to express exactly what they want.


Every sugar baby is different, but what all sugar babes have in common is their desire for new experiences and the opportunity to live a more colourful and fuller life in the company of someone who can provide them with what they value most. What is that, you may ask? Well, that may be anything from a piece of advice that could scale up her business to a fancy dinner, a romantic getaway, a puppy or some takeout food and Netflix. That’s up to her to decide.


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