New SugarDaters website to launch in 2 days!

New style, new features, new adventures. We are excited to announce the launch of our new SugarDaters website! In just 2 days, on 05 08 2020, you will be introduced into an entirely new dimension of sugar dating or, as we like to call it, the Good Life Dating.

Our goal with the new website is to help you make more accurate, fast and smart dating choices, based on your expectations as well as your potential partner’s ones. Having you, our valued community in mind, we’ve made many noticeable improvements. The new website will welcome you with more convenient navigation, exciting new functions, immersive browsing experience and a much better mobile interface. 

Without further ado, allow us to tease you with some of the features that will make

your journey in finding your sugar partner much simpler, faster and a lot more fun. Here are some of the new features that will meet you at in 2 days. And the rest you will find out for yourself 😉

What’s new?


Modern, sleek and responsive design


Not only is our new website more stylish – it also features simplified and intuitive navigation which will allow you to move from one page or profile to another without any hassle. You will be able to browse and connect with other members as well as find information easily, conveniently and quickly.


Moreover, checking your latest matches or replying to your recent messages from your phone has never been easier before. Whether you’re using your phone, laptop or tablet, you will be able to enjoy a glitch-free process of finding your perfect date. 


Instant messaging: communicate more, better & instantly


A more convenient and responsive messaging environment is one of the most exciting features on the new SugarDaters platform. Furthermore, SugarDaters instant messaging will allow you to ‘multitask’ in starting and maintaining multiple conversations more intuitively.


Tags: Mutual interests and expectations


New and easy way to find someone who matches your interests and expectations. By adding tags to your profile, you will be able to better and more accurately define who you are and what exactly is it that you are looking for. This feature gives you the opportunity to break the online barrier with a well-thought-out dating profile. This will more likely spark an interest for the person on the other side of the screen and kick-start conversations.The more information you add to your profile, the better dating decisions can be made.

Do you want to find a new travel companion? Or maybe a person to engage in a long term relationship? Great, use the TAGS feature and find someone who is looking for the same thing!


Favourites list: don’t lose the track of the special ones


You can now save the profiles that caught your eye on your favourites list to make sure that you always have them around. Perhaps you’d like to initiate conversations only when that person is online for more instant communication, or you would like to date a specific person who is not in your area right now, but will be in the near future. Dating becomes more convenient and efficient with the favourites list.


Precise sign-up process: just a few clicks to define who you are and what you’re looking for


If you are not a member yet, but considering becoming one, and don’t know exactly who you want to be on the site, we will guide you through it. You are only a few clicks away from defining how you want others to see you and what you are looking for. Efficiently, quickly and easily. It has never been easier to create the right type of profile to receive the right matches and make the most out of your dating experience.


While some things change, the best features of SugarDaters will stay exactly the same. Our goal is to create a focused and relationship-driven experience, without any distractions. Which is also the reason why we decided to still not allow any third-party ads on the platform.


And this is not the end. We will continue to develop our platform with features and under the hood algorithms, so that you can better find your ideal date and partner.


Stay tuned. There’s a whole host of smaller but impactful changes on Sugardaters, all to make the process of finding the right partner pleasant, entertaining and accurate. May finding your equal partner be even more fun and easy!

You are welcome to provide feedback at in case you have encountered a problem or error after being introduced to the new website.