Show your sugar partner that you think of them

Whether you’re just living your lives or doing the long distance thing, your sugar baby or sugar daddy will really appreciate small acts of attention that are something else than a regular message or a phone call. Looking for ideas? Here are 5 little non-stalky reminders to your sugar partner that you think about them.


Order your sugar partner flowers/their favourite meal to their house

Or make dinner, arrange a romantic picnic or show up with flowers at their doorstep yourself. Most importantly, make it a surprise! Just make sure he or she likes them 😉 


Send them a video/selfie from an unexpected situation

Because sexy selfies from home are lovely, but too predictable. Instead, share a moment that you’re enjoying at that point in time – live from an amusement park, a lake, a concert or a beautiful place in the city. This will show them that no matter how much fun you’re having by yourself or with friends, your sugar daddy/sugar baby is still on your mind.


Make a collage out of your pictures together

Make it colourful and versatile. From trips you went on together, from cool places you visited or those cozy home selfies you keep on your phone. Whether it’s a digital one or a framed one they can put on their table/wall, this will show your sugar partner that you treasure, appreciate and remember time you two spend together.


Create a personal playlist for your sugar partner

Yes, this nothing but the modern-day version of a mixtape. Do you have that special song that is yours? The one that played in a concert you went to together or one that created that special moment on a dance floor? One that played in the car when you were taking a road trip? On a boat trip? During dinner? One that he shared with you at some point and probably thinks you forgot?


Get matching face masks

Even if you’re one of those who think that matching clothes or accessories is a tired cliché, a face mask is that one item you should consider making an exception to. Not only are reusable good quality masks better for the environment, and, if done right, can be a cute accessory, gifting one that matches his or her style also shows that you care about them. Which is the whole point here, right?


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