Top relationship advice from 15 sugar babes

We asked our sugar babes to share their one ultimate piece of relationship advice with the ones who are now ready to re-enter the real life dating scenario after a long break of social distancing. Now that the summer is here and you may finally go outside and meet people, dating is no longer just a prospect of a distant future.


And hence, what is that one thing that sugar babes wish they had known before joining sugar dating? Or what’s that one thing you should always bear in mind when dating someone older? What are some of the do’s and don’ts in sugar dating as well as dating in general? These 15 experienced sugar babes reveal relationship advice, some crucial insights and actions taken in their journey which lead to successful sugar dating relationships.


  1. Have a chemistry meeting before agreeing to any form of relationship! 
  2. Don’t compromise your rules. Focus on the long letters instead of the short ones asking only if you’re up for fun. It’s the mature, older men who are serious and will give you what you need. 
  3. Don’t just do it because you need the money or want the gift. You’ll have to be able to look yourself in the eyes 10 years from now. So only meet people you think will respect your boundaries.
  4. Don’t ever agree to anything that you wouldn’t do in regular dating! Best relationship advice.
  5. Be patient and keep looking for the good ones, there are a lot of assholes.
  6. Be kind, always
  7. Be clear about your boundaries, what you want, what you’re comfortable with and where the line is drawn. Communicate and stand your ground. “The answer is never no, you’re just asking the wrong person” 🙂
  8. Don’t let anyone make you feel like you owe them anything because you don’t! This lifestyle is fun and full of exciting opportunities as long as you make your intentions clear and stick to your integrity! 
  9. Do NOT meet up with a sugar daddy if you feel uncomfortable. Sugar dating has NOTHING do to with sex. You deserve to be spoiled, and it doesn’t have to be sexual. Don’t let anyone push your limits; respect is the most important part.
  10. If it sounds too good to be true then don’t meet him/her.
  11. Take your time, make a connection you can trust, before you make any decisions.
  12. Make sure you are safe at all times. Always trust your gut and have someone you trust knowing where you are. Make sure that you meet your date in public.
  13. It’s okay to say no (even after you already said yes) if you have a bad feeling or just simply changed your mind.
  14. If it does not feel right – it is not right! Don’t waste your time on men that bore you or do not make you feel like the amazing girl you are.
  15. Be yourself and have a good time.


We believe that these advice serve as a great source of inspiration and as a reminder for those of you who lined up dates during isolation and are now ready to finally go out and meet. Because dating in real life is a tad different than dating virtually. It requires a number of safety precautions regardless of the platform where you met the person you are about to date. 

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Stay safe and may the non-virtual dating season start again.