How to be attractive to sugar daddies?

As it comes to attraction, physical appearance is, of course, the first thing that comes to mind. While it is indeed the catalyst for the initial sparks, it doesn’t guarantee sustained interest. In other words, even if you look like Angelina Jolie, your sugar daddy (or your sugar mama) may lose interest in you over time. Read our 5 tips on how to be attractive to sugar daddies to make sure your relationship lasts for as long as you want it to.


1. Invest time in your mind

You may have his/her eyes on you the moment you enter the room. But it’s the content of your conversation and the way you make him feel that is going to make him remember you. World events, types of wine you like, your hobbies and interests… Make sure you have something interesting to elaborate on topics like these.


2. Get to know his interests, best tip on how to be attractive

Ask about their interests before the meeting so that you can have a conversation about them. If your sugar daddy likes playing golf, get to know the names of the best players and ask your sugar daddy for free lessons. He will surely be enchanted by you!


3. Listen with interest and curiosity

Active listening 101: don’t just drift away in your thoughts while he’s talking. Don’t just hear but actually make an effort to listen. Don’t cut his sentences, don’t change the subject quickly. Not only this will make him feel more comfortable, it will also allow you to understand whether it’s the right person to be spending your time with.


4. How to be attractive? Just live your life

Don’t cancel a meeting with a friend for a new sugar daddy and don’t skip a class to meet him. Show him that you’re a busy person who lives a full life! Let him know that you’re spending time with him because you want to, not because you have nothing else to do.


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5. Give him freedom

Most sugar daddies are not looking for someone to keep writing and calling them. Don’t feel bad if he was supposed to write and didn’t. Your sugar daddy is most likely very busy. Overly attached and desperate is not how you want him to see you (or see yourself, for that matter). Give him space and freedom. Sugar dating is all about having fun and having a good time!

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