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Sugar baby blog post: a story submitted by a SugarDaters member.

When people think about being a sugar baby, the first thing that comes to their mind are very young and  supple twenty something girls. Certainly not a 39 year old mother of two.

Yet, here I am. I am Anna and I am a sugar baby. 

I decided to try SugarDaters in 2015, after the umpteenth awkward date hastily arranged on the dating site of that week. Tinder, Badoo, e-harmony, POF, OkCupid, Bumble. I tried them all. I am not sure if it was the algorithms, the quantity of possible pursuers or just my bad luck, but I ended up in a chain of borderline disastrous meetups. Offline, it was not that much different. I had similar outcomes with the classic approaches too, like the blind-date-with- a- friend-of-a-friend-of-a-friend, the tipsy-bar-night and an occasional speed-dating event. Our interests rarely matched, let alone our needs, expectations or necessities. 

SugarDaters immediately struck me as different. I appreciated the directness and the openness of its community. There were no games, no lies:  people could freely discuss what they wanted from each other, what they were ready to give and receive in terms of time, commitment and attention. 

However, I must admit that I was worried about being too late to the party. Though I am in great shape (I really do love my yoga!), with the dreaded forties just a few years away, I wasn’t so sure that somebody I’d like could be interested in a baby that, well, was not that much of a baby anymore.

It did not take too long to see that I was absolutely wrong! My inbox filled up in less than an hour. I had several coffee meetings to find the perfect match, and none of them came with the impossibly boring, pointless charades often attached to traditional dating.  The majority of my dates were experienced sugar daddies who, after years of routinely courting young (but not so stable) women, saw an opportunity in dating someone my age to find someone for a more mature, lasting relationship.

I am happy to say that I eventually found my perfect sugar daddy and that we have been sharing wonderful moments for the past two years. He is supportive, generous and kind and – surprise surprise! –  a whole year younger than me. I couldn’t have hoped for anything better. 

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So, what can I tell my fellow older babes?

Don’t put yourself in a box. You are so much more than your age! 

Don’t be afraid! You are wonderful and you should let the world see that.

Crack those expectations: they really do no good, not to yourself, not to others. This is your story, your path, and you are entitled to live every minute of your life the way you want to.

And remember: time may not be the kindest when it comes to your collagen, but the knowledge, the experience, the sensitivity and the sensuality you gained through the years are so much more important. Set yourself free: free to love, free to give, free to want. Free to be you!


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