Facetuning your profile picture

We all love apps that help us look better. Whether it be our pics on social media or those on dating profiles, we just want them to look as good as possible. Or, in other words, facetuning the hell out of them. And that’s perfectly understandable. Online dating and social media allow us to create the version of ourselves that we want. Which is not necessarily entirely the same as mother nature gave us.


Is there a limit to which changing the shapes of your body, blurring perceived imperfections on your face, enhancing your eye colour, changing the shape of your lips or nose, the thickness of your eyelashes and just making everything pretty with tons of filters is still OK? No. You do you. If your phone can give you a virtual plastic surgery, why not make the most of it?


That being said, there are a couple of buts.


First, if you look almost nothing like yourself on your dating profile, what do you expect to happen on your first date in real life? Best case scenario – your date will understand that well, yes, you did some (or a lot) of perfecting to your face and body. So what? Good. But do you really want them to perceive the real you as a lesser you than your virtual profile? Or think that you’re extremely insecure about your appearance?


Second, and this one’s extremely relevant if you’re creating a profile on SugarDaters. As you know, all incoming pictures on SugarDaters are approved manually by our staff to ensure preventing fake profiles. So, as it comes to profile pictures of our users, we have strict guidelines as to what is and what isn’t allowed. Graphic elements, some of which may appear as a result of heavy editing, for example, may be the reason your picture wasn’t approved. You know, if you accidentally bend or blur the background, or leave dark spots on your face trying to enhance your eyelashes. Not to mention any type of stickers, which is a strict no no here.


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Now, we don’t say that you shouldn’t do any alterations to your pictures. You choose how you want to present yourself on SugarDaters and you are free to express your creativity the way you want. But if you do make alterations to your profile picture, make sure that behind all that facetuning, the real you is still very much there.