The way out of your unhappy relationship

While the lockdown has been a challenge for the happiest of couples, some of the relationships that were not that stable in the first place turned out to be simply unbearable. Read further if you have found yourself in an unhappy relationship.


If you can’t handle me during a pandemic, you don’t deserve me at my best. Or whatever the saying is


Research shows that there has been a dramatic peak in divorce cases as well as horrible increase in domestic violence during the lockdown period. Even if your partner is not physically abusive, you might as well have realized that spending so much time together with him/her well… just sucks. No.


And that’s OK. People grow. And thus, naturally, couples grow apart over the years. Or months. Or, in the case of extreme social distancing, that can be a matter of weeks or days. The thing is, spending 24h with someone in isolation for weeks reveals their true nature. One that might not display itself fully when seeing each other merely a few hours on a regular working day.


So, let’s say that thanks to the lockdown, it’s become clear to you like never before that you are indeed stuck in a dysfunctional relationship. What are your options?


Couples therapy? Well, imagine every therapist’s office after the lockdown is lifted. Right. Online couples therapy? Do you really see it working for you? If so, give it a shot. You are two reasonable mature individuals, and everything can be resolved by simply being honest and communicating clearly, yet politely. Not really?


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In that case, time to think about your own personal well being which you should always prioritize. Now might be the perfect time to explore your options as an individual. The question you should ask yourself is simple: does the person I’m sharing my life with live up to my current standards? Is this a relationship I deserve?


If not, you’re at the right place at the right time. Explore your options now and meet when things go back to normal. Or, even better – create yourself a new (and improved) normal.


If you are a victim of domestic violence, reach out to Lev Uden Vold or a similar service in your area.