Dating during pandemic: get ready

Dating during pandemic has become complicated, so those of us who are single find ourselves having a lot of free time on our hands. While staying in a constrained space. All alone. Which is surely a challenge even for the most domesticated of us. While it’s important to relax and have some me-time, if you’re single and looking, there is no better feeling than doing something small yet important for the future you. Who will be back in the game as soon as the coronavirus crisis is dealt with. So, here are some simple tricks on how to prepare yourself for dating season!


Improve your profile text

Take a close look. Does your profile text really bring out the best features of your personality? Is it eye-catching, interesting and memorable? If not, now is the perfect time to fix that.


How is that profile picture looking?

Does it show you from your best angle, figuratively and literally? Or is it some old picture you threw in having nothing better on your phone at that moment? Remember, everyone’s online now. And your profile picture is something that your potential future date will see first. Make it count. Dig in to all those recent selfies or pictures someone took of you on that nice trip. While you’re at it, update your public and private photos as well.


Dating during pandemic: write a catchy first message

New babes and daddies joined SugarDaters! Increase your chances of finding a perfect virtual date by writing a perfect first message. When dating during pandemic and in general, make sure that your message is not average, not copy/paste and you come across as friendly and polite. To find more clues read our post on what to avoid when writing your first message.


Treat yourself with the Premium membership

What’s the use of having a profile with only limited possibilities to explore and connect? SugarDaters® Premium will allow you to see all public photos of other members, as well as accept invitations to see their private ones. As soon as someone catches your eye, you can send out an unlimited number of messages and read all of the ones you receive. Constraint-free SugarDaters® Premium membership is as crucial as ever now. Take the chance. You deserve it.


How are your matches doing while dating during pandemic?

Now that you have a catchy profile text, an attractive profile photo and a Premium membership, it’s time to go through your matches. Make a move, start that conversation with someone who seems attractive and interesting. Don’t forget to update your search criteria as now you can online-date someone abroad and travel to meet them when the corona times are finally over.

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Connect now, meet later. Invest time in your online presence now, and the future you will thank you for that. Stay safe and take care. Lots of love and sugar.