Women’s Empowerment as Sugar Baby

Women’s empowerment is something we as women should care about throughout the year, whether we’re going to celebrate International Women’s day or not. We at SugarDaters.com certainly will. To honor this special day, we prepared 5 little reminders to all our Sugar Babes out there. From one woman to another.


1. You’re in control – Women’s Empowerment

No matter who’s paying for dinner, you are in control of your time, goals and decisions. it’s entirely up to you what kind of people you’re surrounding yourself with – so make sure you get the respect you deserve.


2. Dare to say no

Which brings us to our second point – it’s OK to say no to whatever you’re not comfortable with. Whether that would be a person or a situation. Know your boundaries and be upfront about them.


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3. Your body – your decisions

As a Sugar Babe, you probably don’t need a lesson on how to be comfortable in your own skin. That being said, never forget that it’s you who decides whether to keep your relationship completely platonic or to date multiple people at the same time. Haters gonna hate. Stay true to you.


4. Show some love…

…to the person who deserves it the most – you. As the legendary RuPaul likes to say, if you don’t love yourself, how in the hell you gonna love somebody else? Treat yourself with some me-time. Reward yourself when you achieve something. You know what’s right for you.


5. Women’s empowerment: empower other women

Because that’s the most empowering thing to do. Share your strength, advice and experience with other women. Listen to their problems and try to find a solution together. And, of course, share this article with your friend who could use that extra oomph of confidence today. Or tomorrow 😉

Now that you learned what we have to say about women’s empowerment, go ahead and find your date for International Women’s Day!