Safety in Online Dating: A Sugarbaby’s 9 Step Guide

The Internet is a wonderful place, but it is not free from an occasional shadow. We do our best on SugarDaters to ensure the quality of our user base by manually approving each profile, drastically reducing the risk of fakes, scammers or wandering trolls. But we are not mind readers. At the end of the day, each of us has to have safety in online (and offline) dating in mind. You simply need to know these simple, yet necessary precautions. Follow our 9 Step Guide to Safety in Online (And Offline) Dating.




1. Message first

There are plenty of wonderful Sugar Daddies waiting to meet you. Take your time to select the right one! Get to know your perspective date before the meeting, test your compatibility and establish your wants and boundaries. Also, a bit of flirty banter to kick things off is part of the fun!

2. Have a video call

Leave a simple phone call for quick date arrangements later on. Having a video chat, on the other hand, is a vastly better way to test the waters. Before you give out your number, choose an app like Skype to keep the information like your phone number or social media accounts anonymous. First, take the time to verify that your date is actually the person he claims to be! Face to face.

3. Keep your socials private

Are you ready to date? Great! It is now time to “make it real”. Before meeting, you may want to exchange some simple details, like your names and your age. Do not disclose your address just yet and avoid Facebook or Instagram, as it could pose danger to your privacy and make you vulnerable to potential threats. 

4. Tell your friends

If you don’t want to, you don’t need to tell your friends you are going on a date with a Sugar Daddy. Though you should definitely let somebody you trust know that you are meeting a stranger, where and when exactly.


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1. Meet in a public place

This is the first rule of online dating, and for a good reason. Do not break it! Your favourite bar, shopping mall, restaurant, concert hall, amusement park. You name it! There are plenty of exciting ways to have an unforgettable first date that do not involve creepy dark alleys or secluded apartments. 

2. Make sure to have your transportation to get back home

Avoid getting stuck in an uncomfortable situation because your bus only runs every three hours or your friend can’t come pick you up after six. Think of it ahead and have an app or some cab numbers ready for when you decide to leave.

3. Don’t drink too much

If you want a date to remember (in a good way), too much alcohol definitely is not a great addition to the mix. Remember, if he’s the one, there will be plenty of time for fine wines and wild nights. For now, keep your focus, awareness and judgement sharp. 

4. Take it slow

There is no need to rush! Take your time in building chemistry and trust with your Sugar Daddy. The wait will be worth it and make you in a formidable pair!


If after following all of our recommendations you are 100%  sure that he’s the one, congratulations! You are now ready to enter the wonderful world of Sugar Dating. Otherwise, don’t ever forget of the most important step:


5. Trust your gut

If you think something is “off”, feel free to break it off. Do not feel pressured to continue the relationship. Politely decline the offer and move on. There will be other opportunities and it is just not worth it to put yourself at risk out of the fear of missing out.