Become a Conversation Starter at SugarDaters

It’s year 2020, and it’s time to finally throw the old habit of waiting to be talked to out the window. Time to take matters in your own hands and find your Valentine! Besides, do you really think that your Valentine’s date will just magically appear without any extra effort from your side?

Where do you start? It’s simple. From the 4th until the 10th of February, look for Sugar Daddy profiles with a golden frame. See someone you might be into? Choose at least one person to start a conversation with that day and drop them a message!

Why the golden frame? Well, those are the daddies who recently joined Which means they are most likely looking for their Valentine’s date!

What else is there in it for you? To encourage our Sugar Babes to take more initiative, we came up with the Conversation Starter Valentine’s game. This is how it goes: message at least one Sugar Daddy/Sugar Mama a day from 04.02 until (and including) 10.02, and receive the Conversation Starter sticker to your profile. Can’t see anyone you’d want to message among that day’s golden members? Not a problem! As long as you contact 7 Sugar Daddies/Sugar Mamas in total by the end of this period, you will be rewarded with the sticker.

What could be a better way to show Sugar Daddies and Sugar Mamas that you are someone outgoing and easy to converse with? The best part about getting the Conversation Starter sticker is that in case you won’t find your Valentine among the golden frames, chances are, someone right will notice your profile standing out from the crowd and reach out to you. Either way, it’s a big win-win. Don’t you think?

So, starting the 4th of February. keep an eye on the golden ones! 

SugarDaters wish you a memorable Valentine’s Day. Before you start planning your date, take a look at our 5 tips for a successful sugar date

In case you have any questions about the offer, leave a comment below and we’ll get back to you!