Winter Is Coming: 10 Ideas for a Sweet Winter

Weather temperature below 0, little to no sunlight, icy roads… As depressing as this might sound, don’t let the cold scare you. Winter is a great season for romance! So no need to hibernate your SugarDaters account. Here are some ideas to show your sugar partner all the excitement, adventure and joy that only winter can bring.

1. Get matching gloves

Or hats. Or socks. Or sweaters. Just make them fluffy, fuzzy, and extremely fun. Other than keeping you nice and warm, wrapping each other in colourful wool will surely brighten up your winter days.

2. Go ice skating 

Holding hands while you stumble around the local ice rink is the winter romance scene that your relationship cannot miss out on. While unbearably sweet, it is also a great way to stay healthy, burn a few calories and enjoy the outdoors!

3. Get creative with hot chocolate

Is there anything better than a hot chocolate on a cold winter day? Only a ginger and cardamom speciality chocolate in company of your sugar partner, of course! And why not use the cold as an excuse to explore (and rate!) all the coffee shops in your city? 

4. Spend a weekend at a cabin

There is hardly a sweeter way to recharge your batteries and enjoy quality time with your sugar partner than a remote cabin with a gorgeous view. Take a break from your everyday life, escape the freezing weather and enjoy all the magic of winter with the sweetest possible company. 

5. Go skiing

It’s time to get those skis out of the closet and show what an adventurous sugar lover you really are! Impress your date with your acrobatic tricks – or share a laugh when you fall into the snow.

6. Cuddle 

Who said that the cold is a bad thing? Thanks to the freezing weather, winter is the cuddle season by excellence. So take out the blankets, light up your fireplace and be ready to spend your evening in each other’s arms. What’s not to love?

7. Bake together

If it’s raining outside or you just don’t feel like leaving the cosiness of your home, why not try out your culinary talent and join your efforts for a romantic baking session? Other than having fun playing with flours and syrups, you will hopefully have a wonderful treat as a reward for your efforts!

8. Build a snowman

It’s snowing outside? Great! Travel back to you childhood and give in to nostalgia. And why not get a bit competitive? Challenge your date to a snowman competition!

9. Take a hot bath

Are you freezing after all that time in the snow? Warm up in a hot bubble bath! It could be the chance to see if all the fuss about bath bombs can be justified 😉

10. Pick up a shared hobby

Choose a book to read together, start taking dance classes, make pottery, or code a game. Having a small project to work on during the cold months will not only keep your mind away from the winter blues. It will also strengthen your bond and help you create unforgettable memories! Hope you’ll use some of these tips to take your relationship to the next level.

If it suddenly gets too cold, don’t forget to come back to this list for some winter date inspiration. As for now, the last weekend of the fall is still ahead! So make sure to cross out at least one of our fun fall date ideas out of your bucket list.