Singles’ Day regardless if you’re single or not!

Celebrate Singles’ Day regardless if you’re single or not!

Singles’ Day takes place on November 11 each year. It originates from China and it began as a celebration for single people back in the 1990s. That was the day when students at Nanjing University would celebrate their single-hood. After it was adopted by a giant e-commerce business,  Singles’ Day became a massive shopping holiday world-wide.

Whether you want to celebrate being romantically unattached or you want to go shopping on the largest shopping holiday of the year, here’s a list of suggestions on how to spend 11/11: 

  1. Go kayaking on Singles’ Day

Get your adrenaline high and explore nature by joining a kayak adventure. Not only is great for your health but it is also a great way to escape from everyday stress, tension and routine. 

  1. Have a Spa Day

It might be a classic, but who doesn’t love a good day of complete relaxation? Whether you try a sauna ritual, the jacuzzi bubbles or a full body massage, let yourself go and give to your body and skin the attention deserved.

  1. Escape the city for a weekend

Great deals for flights to the most amazing destinations are just a click away! Visiting Krakow or Lisbon has been on your wishlist for way too long.Maybe it is time to seize the occasion and explore the world at your own pace.

  1. Netflix and chill!

Who said that you need to get out of the house (or out of the bed)to have a good time? This could be the right occasion to finally get some time-out and binge your guilty pleasure! Having a movie evening may be one of the best ways to disconnect from the everyday noise. 

  1. Try out a new hobby on Singles’ Day

It can be cooking classes, zumba, pottery workshops, or any other hobby you always wanted to try out but for some reason you never did. In this way, not only you will learn some new skills but you will also socialize and meet people with the same interests as you! Singles’ Day might be the best day to reflect a little bit upon yourself and discover new things you might enjoy. And yet had no idea, because you never actually tried it.

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Above all, treat this day as a celebration for yourself. Dress up if you feel like, buy yourself chocolate, indulge and relax.