12 Adventurous Fall Date Ideas

Whether you are in a romantic relationship and you want to spice things up or you are looking for some fun, ideas for your next day or night out with your crush, try out some of SugarDaters’ ideas which could turn into unique dates.

Dating is important, especially in the beginning of your relationship. The right kind of activities can give you great insights into your date’s personality, what he/she might like or dislike. However coming up with the perfect date for you and your crush can be harder than it seems. That’s why we prepared for you a few fall date ideas that will guarantee you unique memories and quality time together. 

1. Go sweater shopping together

Winter is coming… and you will need some clothes to keep you warm. And don’t forget about the Christmas sweater for the holidays. 

2. Go for a picnic 

Take one last walk in the forest to admire all the colorful leaves on the ground before the snow starts to settle in. Make sure to have some hot tea in your drinking cup.

3. Go for a bike ride

In Fall nature and its colors create a unique scenery, making it a wonderful season for cycling.  Plus during summer it can get too hot for riding bikes and during winter too cold. 

4. Sit by the fireplace/bonfire

It’s so romantic and will keep you warm! The last time for s’mores before the winter comes.

5. Stay in and watch movies under the blanket

Classic Netflix & chill, but remember about candles, pillows and cosy blankets!

6. Bake together

Especially apple pie! You don’t need to be a chef to create something tasty together. Wear the sweaters.

7. Watch a scary movie

Such a great excuse to cuddle!

8. Paint your own mug

Paint your own pottery (and you will get a souvenir from your date)

9. Attend a cider or wine tasting

What could be finer than a visit to a vineyard for some wine tasting! Take a bottle at home to enjoy it together. 

10. Take a cooking class

Both of you will learn something new and you’ll have your couple signature dish.

11. Go on a trip together

Nothing brings people together like shared memories. Go on a short road trip or an extended weekend into nature. 

12. Volunteer

Pack together a few Christmas presents for those less fortunate.


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