How to be a good sugar daddy?

Contrary to what many sugar daddies may believe, there are cases where money can work against a sugar daddy’s interests.

“Why is he so special for me to decide to stay with him?” is a question a woman likes to ask, not only in Sugar dating but also in any other kind of relationship.  

On the one hand, a sugar baby likes to be praised, to feel as if she is the most beautiful woman and to be the centre of attention. On the other hand (unlike many sugar daddies might believe) she likes to be challenged as well, in the sense that she needs to find reasons to persuade herself to be with you.  

Being in the company of other women in front of her, is of course one of the things that you can do in order to provoke her curiosity and to improve her interest in you. However, not letting her know that you are willing to spend money on her (not even talking about money at all) can really be a test for measuring the level of attraction she has for you!

I can recall two particular cases of sugarbabies from SugarDaters that I have dated in the past. During our dates, I chose not to address the question of money at all. I foremost wanted to see how much I could approach her without playing the card of money. After two weeks of a constant exchange of calls and texts I managed to go out with them for dinner AND spend the night with them afterwards, without mentioning money. Then I quickly realised that these sugarbabies were not in need of money in the first place.

If at that stage the sugarbaby does not mention any needs, it would be greatly appreciated from her if you behave like a gentleman offering some gifts to say thank you for her company. She is not obliged to accept but you will feel good about yourself and you will probably get the assurance of one more date with this sugarbaby. Bear in mind that avoiding to give her gifts would be the best thing to do if this is not what the sugarbaby is looking for (which is very unlikely).

That is the reason why I strongly recommend to the beginner sugardaddies to take their time to discuss and to get to know the sugarbaby better before meeting with her in person.

During this “pre-meeting” period, you should keep the following questions in mind: why is she on the site? Does she work? Does she live at her parents’ place? What are her needs on a daily and monthly basis?

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