How do sugar daddies cope with getting older?

How do sugar daddies cope with getting older?

Sugar daddies represent experience and wisdom. However, after the age of 40, not all of them know which direction their sentimental life should take. Although, sugar dating for some just means entertainment, for some others it is a real initiation course that usually occurs after a divorce at an age when their personal values are questioned. The beauty of sugar dating is the period when it happens: it is the time when sugar babies (women at the end of their adolescence) meet sugar daddies (men at the beginning of their emotional reconstruction period). They start to play the role of guide advisor and protector. They support them. They become their sugar daddies.

In my personal story, I have been spending time with sugar babies who were far away from this perfect image. After many years of spending energy and time in trying to set up a stable relationship, there were times that I found myself being emotionally lost. Sugar babies are changing all the time. They want to test their emotional resistance.  After passing through different stages, I suddenly couldn’t understand anything more. I was stuck in an one-way relationship with someone who was desiring something completely different from what I wanted.

I believe it would be nice if sugar daddies question themselves about their own visions of love, couple life and youth. I would also warmly recommend that sugar daddies read books such as “Fifty Shades of Grey” in order to get a good understanding of sugar babies’ versatility. Also, sugar daddies should always question themselves about their own nature in the couple: are they dominant or submissive?  This is important so they can identify their expectations in the most sustainable way possible.

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