Sugar&Spice: Forget Linkedin – Your SugarDating Profile Can Be Your New CV

Forget Linkedin – Your SugarDating Profile Can Be Your New CV




What was my most memorable job interview so far? The second bottle of red wine in a fetish party in Berlin. My sugarmama and I bumped into her friend, who also happened to be the head of human resources in a global company that has a branch in the city. Sugarmama’s, that’s right, you can take a moment to process this if you need one.

The friend decided to join us for a glass of wine and stayed for the whole bottle. He couldn’t stop talking about… his job, obviously – what else a middle aged man with two kids would have to talk about on a Saturday night. So as the right moment approached, I popped the question. By any chance, are you currently hiring?

What’d turned me into a job digger all of a sudden? My parents had just discontinued to support me financially, the reason being to encourage me to get a real job. My options without yet having obtained a degree were limited, but I wasn’t going to settle for a dirty student job. And living off of something as unstable as sugardating wasn’t going to cut it. My family wanted for me to go out into the real world and get my hands dirty. So I did. With both of them. Next morning I had a terrible hangover and a job in my pocket.

Being an administrator in a corporation was hardly the career of my dreams, but it was also a good opportunity to meet people way out of my professional league in company parties and an excuse to wear tight skirts. In one of those parties I also met one of my future employers – but that’s another story.

If I make this sound too easy – it’s because it was. I was surprised myself of how little I was asked about my job experience or how good I was at my studies.  He was more concerned to have his glass always full. That night taught me an important lesson: it’s not all about what you know in the job market – it’s about who you know.

I do realize that cutting corners like that is not a fair competition. But you know what else is not fair? Being a no-name in one of the countless job applications that are piling up in somebody’s inbox. Keep your eyes and ears open while sugardating. You might be surprised what you can get out of it.

P.S. Before you pass the judgement that women like me are degrading the whole image of female professionals, let me assure you that I know guys who have done the exact same thing to get where they are. With both women and men. Everybody’s skilled these days. But it’s always about ones that appear in the right place and on the right time 😉

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