Sugar Advisor: When a Sugar Daddy Becomes a Daddy

As commonly understood, the audience knows that I have many unconventional experiences on my list. One of those unprecedented events took place last night. I arranged a meeting with a newly-met Sugar Daddy on Sugardaters. He seemed friendly, intelligent and cultured. My type. He took me to a refined, newly opened Japanese restaurant. The evening looked promising. A 16-course tasting menu with paired wines. Enough time to become tipsy, get to know each other and feel the other person.

He was gallant, confident, and the Rolex on his wrist was blinding me. We discussed standard topics like work, taxes, and passions. Then we moved to Sugar Dating, sex, and dreams related to it. There was a surprise waiting for me. His goal was not an arrangement, friends with benefits or an open relationship, like most men. He was strictly looking for a mother for his children.

The list of requirements was long. A symmetrical face, good genes, no genetic diseases, wide hips or large breasts. When I pointed out that I do not have large breasts, he assured me that he loves silicones and will sponsor them if the need arises. Who is looking for  a mom on a Sugar Dating website? He assured me of a comfortable life that he would provide me. When I humbly responded that I would like to make a career, he answered that I would have plenty of time to realize myself as a stay at home mom.

No talk about feelings, relationship or a deeper connection. I was reduced to being a machine for children production. I do not know what’s worse, this or prostitution. He was absolutely sure of his beliefs and it seemed natural for him. I understand that the world is more and more materialized, but in my head, a child should be created out of love of two people. Of course, I have thought about having children in the future, but I did not connect my motherhood with Sugar Dating. Sugar Dating is rather fun, entertainment or exploration.

The role of a Sugar Baby diametrically differs from the role of the mother. A combination of the two would be an explosive mixture. Becoming an entertainer for the Daddy and the Baby? It has no right to exist. Even though that Sugar Daddy seemed charming and the restaurant served amazing dishes, I felt disgusted and shocked. I have not met such a desperate man yet. Urge for reproduction is beautiful, but only with the right person. Sugar Dating has other priorities.

Do not get me wrong; Sugar Babies are not just 20-year-old students. You can be 35 and have children. Sugaring while parenting is possible. You have to be smart and make sure that relations with Daddies will not influence your child. It refers to the situation when you have a child from previous relationships. I could not imagine being impregnated on the wish of a Sugar Daddy who will offer me a good life. It was interesting to meet this man at the restaurant. I politely refused his offer and congratulated his courage and stubbornness.

Yours truly,

Sugar Advisor

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