How to Spot a Sugar Daddy in the Real World?

Yes, I have a radar for Sugar Daddies. How to recognize a benefactor offline? It’s easy. His clothes, behavior and location prove his social status. A well-tailored suit emphasizing the figure and a classic cut can testify for a potential Sugar Daddy. An impeccable performance in accordance to the rules of Savoir Vivre. An expert on wines and “must see” places.” Usually, owns a car that goes with the type of his personality. BMW is confirmed as the luxury pussy machine owned by a rich douchebag. A Gentleman with Mercedes S-Class is an aging workaholic. An athletic Daddy owns a Range Rover. It’s a type of Sugar Daddy horny for success and an eye- candy.

Another one is not that easy to recognize. He merges with the crowd. Younger, carelessly dressed and disheveled. At first, your glance does not attach importance to his appearance. Does someone care about fashion if they wear dirty Gucci sneakers? Recently, I met that sort of inconspicuous man. He looked boyish and poor. He was distracted and absent. I sensed potential in him though. My feelings were confirmed when I entered his 200 square meters apartment in the center of Copenhagen. The flat was padded with various objects of contemporary art. Muddy Balenciaga and Gucci sneakers were scattered on the floor. He was bored, rich and horny. Exploring Netflix was his only entertainment. He didn’t have to show off, luxury was in his blood and he couldn’t care less. Believe me, I wanted to be his wife. However, I did not manage to seduce the Casanova.

Where to meet potential SD? Charity functions, fancy bars, hotels or golf courses. Get there as a volunteer or a temporary worker. When you notice a potential target, be flirtatious and confident. You’re not just an eye candy, you have brain and aspirations. Be authentic and creative if you decide to make the first move. Express interest and be easy going to know him over small talk. Be bold. Usually, rich Sugar Daddies are private people and don’t show affection immediately. As the conversation continues, sense what his intentions and preferences are. You cannot just click on his profile and find out all at once. Focus on the conversation to extract as much information as possible. If he knows what Sugar Dating is, assess whether you have similar expectations. If, however, he has not met with this phenomenon, guide him by describing your dreams, plans and goals without sounding desperate. If you have caught his attention, he will suggest developing the connection. You know the further steps.

A big aspect of Sugar Dating is networking. What are your friends for? Do a reconnaissance if any big fishes are turning up in your group of friends. Even if you do not find Sugar Daddy immediately, be social and create a network. It will increase your chances of getting to know your potential SD.

Although finding the benefactor in real life may seem like a challenge, believe me, self-confidence, an appropriate outfit, and positive attitude can work wonders.

Yours truly,

Sugar Advisor