How to Break up with a Sugar Daddy?

When a difficult time comes in your relationship and you are at the crossroads, stop. There may be many reasons why you don’t want to continue the arrangement with your benefactor. It is possible that it does not bring you any emotional or financial satisfaction anymore. Your feelings have changed and the initial chemistry has burned out. Maybe the arrangement you signed up for was not clear enough. Maybe he became too possessive or jealous. Maybe your expectations were different and your commitment to solving problems was insufficient.

The endings do not have to be unpleasant; on the contrary, they are the beginning of something new. The priority is not to burn bridges. You do not know when in the future a relation may come in handy, especially with a rich man. If you feel that your relationship is going towards the end, he probably suspects that too. Make him aware at the beginning that your relationship is NSA (no strings attached). Breaking up will be easier because it did not require a lot of commitment in the first place.

  1. Honesty is the best policy (unless it’s not). Finish the arrangement with a sincere conversation. Explain peacefully why you cannot continue the meetings. Be calm and confident. You do not need to give specific reasons if they can hurt him. Blame it on “different expectations” or a need to “focus on yourself”.
  2. Do not delete him from your life. Keep an occasional contact on Facebook or Whatsapp. Let him know that he was an important person for you, not just a cash machine.
  3. Compliment him. Tell him that your relationship was something exceptional and you are grateful for all common memories.
  4. Always do it personally! Never by email or text. Show class and respect for the other person. However, nobody likes rejection so you do not know what his/her reaction will be. Therefore, arrange a meeting in a public place; this way you will avoid throwing plates or any aggressive behavior on his part.
  5. Ghosting is a horrible habit. It shows how immature and ignorant you are. Another thing is that in the era of social media it is impossible to totally disappear. A hurt person will always find a communication route. Stand firmly by your decision. Do not have any sudden regrets. Focus on your future, which you should have planned before breaking up. Your financial situation should be stable to avoid an unwanted return to the benefactor for mundane reasons.

The ends of my relationships were not always colorful. Usually, they ended in fights and breaking the contact. I realized this it was a mistake when I lost a ton of valuable people in my life. I have learned to respect others even if our paths diverge. This is an important skill. Do not blame yourself or others. You probably learned a lot from this person and benefited from the relationship. It’s time to move on and find new relationships.

“All the world’s a stage,

And all the men and women merely players;

They have their exits and their entrances”


Yours truly,

Sugar Advisor