Sugar Advisor: Sugar High. Madrid Edition

I rarely feel like a sophisticated Sugar Baby. I have always considered myself as an unconventional trophy. However, everyone deserves a break. Especially when an opportunity of a Sugar trip to Madrid with a charming Swiss Sugar Daddy appears. I went with the flow and flew to Madrid, my main objectives being spoiling my palate, my wardrobe and myself. And how could I forget! My Sugar Daddy also needed attention, right. But I put myself first.

How would I describe Madrid? Sultry, exclusive and vibrant. Incredibly elegant Spanish ladies, disgusting tapas, and a relaxed atmosphere. Men? Totally uninteresting.

The first evening. Radio, the exclusive bar on the rooftop terrace of the ME Madrid Hotel in Plaza Santa Ana. An amazing octopus with potato puree and a tragic tuna tartare with some coconut ice cream. Tequila and Chartreuse, however, tasted marvelous. Even too good. We literally crawled out of the building to conquer the city.

We went to Opium, the most exclusive and recognizable nightclub in Madrid. A mecca for attention-craving Sugar Babes and handsome gentlemen looking to get laid. Well, alcohol was pouring like my sweat when I was dancing constantly in the rhythm of hits from the 90’s. Nothing warms me up like “Yeah” by Usher. Pulling out my Swiss Sugar Daddy from the club at 4am was my favorite activity.

Did I mention our hotel? The Pavilions. A modern, centrally located boutique style accommodation. What more could you want? It does not always have to be Plaza Athénée.

Hangover brunch? Habanera. Inspired by Cuban architecture and style, the restaurant was serving my favorite Truffle-infused omelette. We loved the atmosphere there. As my Sugar Daddy had to go to “work”, his poor Sugar Baby went to her Mecca, Primark. Everyone can feel “spendy” there. It was also obligatory to fill up the lack of fat in my body (Churros) in the traditional Chocolatería San Ginés. Fulfilled, I came back to the hotel to satisfy my lover.

That evening, I decided to get drunk by refreshing and bubbly Bellini. Where? Of course, in Habanera. Live music, Cuban atmosphere, and my handsome, sexy partner. “One drink” in Opium ended with a 3-liter bottle of Dom Perignon and me playing a lesbian to catch an attractive Spanish girl for a threesome. Horror.

On the last day, I decided to go on a shopping spree. Rose gold earrings? Checked. A diamond necklace? Yes, please. Sexy French lingerie? Obligatory. A new dress for a trip to Dubai? Indispensable. Earrings for his girlfriend? Acceptable.

We also came across the Mercado de San Miguel. A characteristic place, very Spanish. We enjoyed traditional tapas (which I threw up that evening, true story) in the crowd of lost tourists and loud natives. Totally not my cup of tea.

To summarize: I had an amazing time in excellent company. Resting and letting go of your daily values is relaxing but not extremely satisfying. My time in Madrid was a fairy tale, and not because of champagne or shopping thanks to the wonderful man that I spent quality time with.

Yours truly,

Sugar Advisor