Sugar Advisor: Sugar Daddy Uncovered

Today’s post will give us an insight into the process of a man seeking a potential Sugar Baby. One of the more open and experienced Sugar Daddies gave me a short interview that will open the eyes of the novice Sugar Babes.

  1. When you see a woman on Sugar Daters, what draws your attention?

Obviously, attractive but natural photos. If a woman has standard pictures of just top and doesn’t show openly her figure, it doesn’t matter how pretty she is. This may indicate a lack of confidence. That’s just the first step. If I like the photos, I will go into the profile. Text must draw my attention and give an overview of her preferences, interests, experiences, and requirements. A profile should be transparent and contain no grammar mistakes. Of course, the age frame must be between 20 and 35 years old for me.

  1. What type of conversation needs to happen in order for you to propose the meeting?

A conversation should be easy-going and short. I prefer to meet as soon as possible and feel if there is chemistry in real life. However, some women would like to talk more and get to know each other and of course, I’m open to that. I would definitely not allow talking for weeks and building up some only online connection. It’s a loss of time and energy.

  1. What features do you pay attention to in the future SB at the first meeting? Physical and mental?

If the photos match my imaginary, physical view when I see her in real life, then I focus more on her personality. I have no structure or certain questions I want to ask, If there is chemistry, that’s all what matters. If I can feel that the woman is nervous or uncomfortable I would change the way I talk to her. I would try to make her relaxed. Starting with giving compliments and attention may help.

  1. Are you looking for a conventional relationship? Are you interested in an open relationship or Sugar Dating?

Right now I’m exploring not to get to the monogamous relationship. I want to be open and I consider many different constellations. However, if somebody would knock me down positively, I wouldn’t reject the relationship option completely.

  1. What do you like about younger women?

I find women of all ages attractive, but younger are full of magnetism. The new generation (ones more than 10 years younger than me) is more open-minded and has a different view on relationships and life, which I like.

  1. Do you feel that you have to meet the expectations of a woman?

No, I would not manipulate myself into doing something that I don’t stand for. If there is a tiny bit of talk about politics for example, which I don’t agree with, I don’t think it’s important. I believe that in every situation you can find a consensus and you cannot demand changes from just one person.

  1. What is complete turn off in a woman’s looks and behavior?

Definitely smoking and excessive amounts of alcohol disgust me. A woman should be well groomed and natural. I prefer also slender and petite body to the muscular figure. A lot of makeup and expressive clothes can overwhelm me. Big turn off as well, is when the woman is close-minded and start to trash-talk other people preferences for no reason.

Yours truly,

Sugar Advisor