Sugar Advisor: Make Love Walk Backwards

Many readers ask me the question “Where is the love?” Does it exists in Sugar Daddy-Sugar Baby relationship? What feelings are born between people in an unconventional relationship?  Are they able to create a deep bond?

The answer is not obvious. Everyone is different and original in their own way. Every relationship is created from feelings, desires, adoration or submission. We are in relationships or arrangements for a reason. Sometimes it is fear, otherwise financial attachment. Men take advantage of vulnerable women. Does a healthy Sugar Dating relation has the right to exist?

Imagine that you found yourself in a situation of unlimited mental and financial freedom. Your wonderful Sugar Daddy is able to fulfill your every whim. Hawaii? The Maldives? Chanel purse? Sounds incredible, however, without a bond with your partner, you will not be able to appreciate the amazingness on the long run.

Understanding, respect and common ground are compulsory to a relationship! You do not want to spend 24 hours with someone when you have nothing to talk about! Love and emotional attachment have the right to exist but are not obligatory. In most of Sugar Dating relations, people focus on a relaxed, pleasant atmosphere and social benefits. Sometimes a relationship “for pleasure” can turn into something more. It is a natural process when creating attachments, common memories and experiences. Excitement with another human gives us energy and a large dose of positivity.

A major topic in the context of Sugar Dating is sacrifice. Many non-resolute girls give their bodies and souls for benefits. Read: She has no feelings or desires towards a chosen partner. On the contrary – let’s call it a honest disgust. I was there. The taste of sacrifice is bitter. A night in a 5-star hotel can cost you a dishonest smile and a fake orgasm. Well, also a hangover, both moral and physical – all of that in order not to feel repulsion and satisfy his cravings. Reality is brutal when you have to compensate for disrespect by traveling or shopping.

These kinds of situations generates frustration and sadness. And you do not want to feel that. This should be a relation full of spontaneity and positivism! A carefree life full of amazing sex and unforgettable memories! Do not give yourself on the plate to a man who causes you an emetic reflex.

Choose Daddy with whom you will proudly parade like a broodmare. Handsome, confident and smart. I’ve met one recently and melted away. Blond, kind of innocent Casanova. I was on fire. I did not fall in love. We spent a great time full of positive energy and passion. This relation did not have a future but it had a taste that I will remember for a long time.

Exploring new relationships will allow you to get to know yourself better and clarify the personality of your dream partner. Knowing what you want, you do not get lost in destructive relationships forcing yourself to certain activities. Build connections that bring you benefits, inspiration and put a smile on your face. Having a Sugar Friend can pay out more in the long future.

Yours truly,

Sugar Advisor