Sugar Advisor: Sugar Woman

I often ask myself what adds flavor to my life? Is it aromatic food, sophisticated drinks, fast cars or trips to exotic places? At the beginning of my path as Sugar Baby, all of that was exciting to me. I felt as if I was at the top of the world, exploring the materialistic lifestyle and problem-free reality.

Along with discovering unconventional relationships and learning about powerful men, I started to put more attention to the depth of our subconscious. Observing these men in everyday situations, I began to get to know the world of business, art and relationships between people. As a 25-year-old I felt over half-formed. The ability to distinguish between love and order, materialism and idealism, and honesty from superficiality has shaped my views on parts of society.

Getting to know men has turned into exploration of human nature and learning about my possibilities as a female-muse. Delivering support to such a powerful man gives me a sense of satisfaction and fulfillment. I stopped being a “Baby.” I started to be Sugar “Woman.” A woman that supports, inspires and creates the foundation. Not a sweet girl but a human appreciating hard work and sacrifice.

At the very moment of that realization, many extremely valuable men appeared around me. Artists, writers, painters, aristocrats, architects, and bankers. All those looking for women-muses. Interested in relationships that give inspiration, freedom and do not close creativity in a cage. Men that can offer human knowledge that is impossible to acquire while studying or in an office. Sugar Dating has become a school of life for me. Transferring my reflections and memories to this blog I’ve created a library of my amazing experiences, effusions – both mental and sexual ones.

I felt the energy to discover the masculine and share my experiences. How do men see us, women? Are we just the bodies that they desire? Is it possible to have a fundamental friendship between a woman and a man? Do we as muses inspire them to create empires and build up their ego to impress a woman? What does it feel like to give yourself to an influential man? Of course, my simple female side feels “wanted” and loved.

But does my soul want it? I just sit on a train that left the Sargans station. A small town bordering with Lichtenstein and the powerful Switzerland. In this area, I spent a magical time with a man who solidified me and showed me the energy running from nature. He made me realize how insignificant we are in the course of the universe. For a few days, I got energized by breathtaking mountains, forceful sun, and refreshing water. Fresh air opened up my creativity and let me write this post.

I found peace and confidence in myself that I have chosen the right path. Education provided by meeting interesting people broadens my horizons and inspires me to set new goals. Yes, a man is not only an object for my sighs but also a source of endless inspiration.

Yours truly,

Sugar Advisor