Not so “Incredibile Esperienza Italiana”

My multiculturalism and openness allowed me to discover a new type of romance. Love in Italian Style. A relation interspersed with spaghetti and sipped with Italian Chianti. As stated by Elizabeth Gilbert, “I am having a relationship with this pizza, almost an affair.” I think that the perfect Italian romance is a combination of carbohydrates and passion. These two things the Latin country is definitely not missing out on.

How the Italian make love? Loudly, passionately and “to death”. Seducers, sissies, party animals and slobs. Seduction and deception are in their blood; they quickly lose interest after capturing the game. They think they’re God’s gift to women.

One date with a potential Sugar Daddy dispelled my doubts. The Italian gentlemen do not impress or attract me. He will drink with you the best wine, feed you amazing home-made pasta, seduce with Tiramisu and disarm by singing like Romeo. What is this recipe for? An one night stand, hangover, and a broken heart. They are the masters in deceiving women. Typical Casanova style. Of course, I do not mind a single elation, but we women, digest one-off adventures longer. Especially after tasting the fiery Italian lover, it is hard to come back to a routine partner.

With the Italian you emanate a feminine glow, he glorifies you under the heavens and slowly molds. Your confidence reaches the zenith and you are convinced that you will be an “unearthly lover” and will face “the one and only”. The reality is a little different. The Italians are hunters. The best method is to learn how to “handle” them is by observing  the Italian women. They keep a distance, seem hard to come by and resolute, which amplifies the man’s enthusiasm. Women are unavailable as icebergs and not interested in a marriage or a relationship. No emotional connection – no problem.

Let’s not forget about their appearance, which is hard to resist. Italian men look like they’re headed for the runway even when they’re just taking an evening walk around the piazza. However, they require the same level of perfection in appearance and behavior from you. You can expose yourself to criticism from a sissy if you do not match your shoes to your purse.

A great advantage, however, is that they are extremely family-oriented. Respecting long family traditions. Expect a warm, welcoming embrace and you will be told: “Our house is your house”. They are incredibly open compared to many distant nations.

In conclusion, despite their hot temperament and real charm, incredible cuisine and a great time in bed, Italian men do not convince me. They are womanizers, and it would be hard for me to open up and trust such a frivolous partner. I’m not denying, of course, that they can make women smile like no other men can. But they are more likely to be partners for a summer romance rather than a SD arrangement or a relationship.


Yours truly,

Sugar Advisor